Department of plastic and reconstructive surgery o

6 Margaryan str., 0078, Yerevan, Armenia
+374 10 318 274

Department is educational center of Otorhinolaryngology department of State Medical Univercity. We closely collaborate with many leading medical centers and universities of USA and RF: House air institute, St. Vincent Hospital of L.A., Hollywood Presbyterian hospital, Scientific Research Clinic after Botkin. Our doctors participate in regular training courses and annual conferences, perform operations together with doctors from above mentioned medical centers.


Head of department

Avetiq M. Minasyan

Our department provides treatment for all kinds of ear, nose, and throat related conditions (chronic decompensated tonsillitis, nasal septum deviation, chronic and acute sinusitis, otitis, head and neck abscesses, phlegmones, traumas and other) also for congenital and acquired defects of head and neck.

Before cosmetic surgery (rhinoplasty, otoplasty) computer modeling is done, considering structural features and wishes of the patient



Avetik M. Minasyan


Nune R. Nahapetyan