Sesame contains many chemical components such as phyto-estrogens, phyto-sterols, calcium, magnesium, copper, vitamin B1, zinc, and syrigic acid. Studies have indicated that phyto-estrogens present in sesame can lower blood pressure, especially when blood pressure patients used sesame oil for cooking over a long period of time.
A chemical in sesame called phyto-sterol is similar to cholesterol and works effectively in decreasing cholesterol levels, builds immunity, and reduces the risk of several forms of cancer. Other natural sources of phyto-sterols are soya, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, and corn. However, sesame seeds have been found to contain higher amounts of phyto-sterols when compared to other natural seeds and herbs.

Sesame is also rich in calcium which has multiple health benefits such as preventing osteoporosis, arthritis, an other bone-related conditions. The magnesium plays a critical role in cell functioning and benefits patients suffering from diabetes and Crohn’s disease.

Sesame is a rich source of copper which provides relief from joint pain and swelling experienced by patients suffering from rheumatoid arthritis. This is due to copper's chemical properties which regulate an enzyme called lysyl oxidase. Lysyl oxidase works by connecting collagen and esastin to provide elasticity in capillaries, joints and bones. Hence it is effective in treating conditions like arthritis. Copper is an effective anti-inflammatory and antioxidant.

Sesame also contains vitamin B1 which helps metabolize the macronutrients (carbohydrate, protein, and fat). Vitamin B1, also known as thiamine, works as an antioxidant and builds immunity. Other significant benefits of vitamin B1 include the regulation of heart functioning, neurological functioning, and improvement of blood circulation.

The syrigic acid found in sesame provides relief from ultraviolet damage to skin. Sesame contains two very important chemical components called sesamin and sesamolin. These components in sesame lower cholesterol, high blood pressure, and prevent oxidative damage to the liver.
Hence people suffering from blood pressure, diabetes, cholesterol problems, osteoporosis, arthritis, skin ailments, stand to benefit a lot from consuming a health does of sesame in their diet and also with regular sesame oil massages.