Since 2009 Doctors.am has been a unique information platform that provides complete information about all the news and events related to healthcare and medicine. Our database is updated daily, which, in turn, increases the number of visitors and the number of pages viewed. Our target audience is people who are interested in the field of medicine and who want to keep abreast of news, innovations and other events in the field of healthcare in Armenia and around the world. The site contains comprehensive information on a number of issues related to doctors, existing medical institutions, diseases, medicines and some problems of the Armenian population.

Doctors.am gives visitors from different parts of the RA the opportunity to contact doctors, ask them questions and get answers. According to statistics provided by GOOGLE ANALYTICS service, Doctors.am is visited by 6000 users daily (on average) and 800,000 per month.

The purpose of our work is to inform, help the user in a simple and quick form to get the necessary information and quality advice.