We all know fruits are good for you but when it comes to healing, some are better than others.

Let me introduce you to your new favourite citrus fruit: the pomelo!

In addition to it being a huge, juicy, vitamin-c filled fruit, it has some very special healing properties. Our health is highly dependent on our diet and we should be watching what we allow into our system.

Give this article a read and I bet you'll be running to your local grocery store for some pomelo.

Pomelo belongs to the Citrus family and it is one of the largest and juiciest fruits on our planet.

Pomelo originated in China and it was mentioned in ancient Chinese books.

It has juicy flesh of sweet with some sourish smack taste. Pomelo is a golden mine of vitamins. The fruit is rich in vitamin C, beta-carotene and the B vitamins.

It is also a source of folic acid that is essential for young women to ensure the health of future baby.

Also, pomelo contains a lot of potassium that is good for our heart.

New studies show that limonoids found in pomelo and other citrus fruits prevent cancer cells from divining better than chemical medicines. Researchers emphasized that limonoids have more lasting effect than current drugs.