Sports and nature are the important components of a healthy lifestyle. To combine these both project Healthy Future organized a morning jog and a physical training at the park surrounding the Tsitsernakaberd.

Healthy Future is a project, that encourages healthy lifestyle among the Armenian youth, and aims to show young people how to do things they like, while at the same time benefiting their health.
Project manager Laura Avetisyan says, “We not only seek to inform the youth about the healthy lifestyle and its importance, but also to show them exciting, yet also health-benefiting ways to have fun”.

With the help of this event, the members of Healthy Future aimed to inform the youth about the advantages of a morning jog, which are impossible to ignore.
The team members emphasize that first of all jogging will give you lots of energy. It will help you to be more focused and strong throughout the day and make the most of it.
Morning jog also has its advantages for your metabolism, which is not only overall good for your health but will also help you loose weight.

However, to get maximum result Healthy Future offers you a few tips on effective jogging.

Tip 1. Warm up

Warming up is an important part of getting your muscles ready for jogging. Start with a slow walk and increase your speed within 5-10 minutes and start to run only after.

Tip 2. Mind your posture

During jogging you can easily get out of breath, that’s why it is important to maximize your oxygen intake through straight posture. Try to keep your spine as straight as possible and don’t lean forward during jogging.

Tip 3. Find a jogging buddy

Finding a jogging buddy will help you keep your good mood and motivation and will be beneficial for both of you. Jogging with a friend is more fun as they can encourage you and make your jogging even more enjoyable.

Tip 4. Stay hydrated

It’s important to drink water before, during and after jogging, especially if you are running on a hot or humid weather as you can get dehydrated easily and feel sick.

Tip 5. Take your time to stop

If you are just about to finish with your jogging routine, don’t stop right away. Instead gradually decrease your speed and shift to walking within 5 minutes.

Follow our advice and make the most out of your jogging. Also feel free to join our group in Facebook and let’s be healthy!

Author: Laura Avetisyan Healthy Future