Bleeding can occur after minor or major cuts and scrapes. The first thing to do is to put firm pressure on the wound with a clean cloth. Continue to hold pressure for ten minutes or until the bleeding stops. If the bleeding doesn't stop or if the wound seems very deep or penetrating, especially if the edges of the wound do not come together by themselves or the wound is more than 1/2 inch long, you should seek medical attention right away.

For minor wounds that quickly stop bleeding, you can next gently wash the wound with warm, soapy water. Cover the wound with an antibiotic cream or ointment and apply a sterile dressing. You should wash the wound daily and reapply the antibiotic cream and dressing until healing is complete. If the wound show signs of infection, becoming red, tender or draining pus, you should call your doctor.

Bleeding can also occur from nosebleeds. During a nosebleed, while your child is sitting or standing, have him lean forward and put firm pressure on his nose by squeezing the lower half of his nose. Keep firm pressure for ten full minutes and then release your hold and see if it is still bleeding. If the bleeding hasn't stopped, apply pressure for another ten minutes. Call your physician if doesn't stop. Be sure to keep pressure for the full ten minutes and do not stop early to check to see if it has stopped.