Did you know that plants have a molecule that looks like cholesterol? It’s not exactly the same, as plants don’t have cholesterol. Only animals do. Instead, plants have sterols. And the great thing about sterols is that they can lower your cholesterol without the dangerous side effects common in statins.

As you may know, I am not a fan of statins. In fact, I have prescribed a statin drug only once, and that was to a man with a genetic condition – familial hypercholesterolemia. In that condition, your genes can’t control your own body’s production of cholesterol. That means your liver produces a lot of cholesterol. In people with this condition, their cholesterol levels can exceed 350 – even with a pristine diet and plenty of exercise. Is it possible sterols can help? A new study says yes! 

In this study, researchers gave sterols to 32 children with genetic high cholesterol. Every single one of the children had a significant reduction in their LDL cholesterol.

While I don’t write Second Opinion for children, the report has merit for two reasons. First, many doctors are stuffing statins into children. This study shows this is malpractice.

Second, we see here, that even with a genetic disorder, you can manage cholesterol levels with non-Pharma natural plant compounds. Phytosterols might interfere with cholesterol absorption, reduce liver production, and have other beneficial effects on your gut.

It’s for these reasons that I designed Advanced Cholesterol Formula with phytosterols. And, I’ve seen it work well in my very own immediate family members. And, if I were faced with a genetic condition like the above, I still would not use a statin today. I’d start with these plant sterols.

If they don’t bring it down far enough, I’d use red yeast rice (1,200 mg daily). Pharma and the FDA tried to ban this product, largely because it naturally has statin-like molecules in it. But God made it, and the Fraud and Deception Administration, the thug of Pharma doesn’t want you to have access to it. But it is available online and in many health food stores.