Ticolino tea sticks are made of selected raw materials grown in different regions of the world (China, India, Chile, etc.). Its rich flavor has pleasant tartness, and long lasting flavor. Assortment of Ticolino consists of wide range of products, which includes high quality black, white and green tea blends as well as exclusive composition of cardamom grains, delicate garnet flowers, peach slices, fresh mint colors and 12 combinations.

All Ticolino products are packed in foil filters to preserve freshness and taste of tea. The uniquely designed filter can be used instead of spoon.

A cup of Ticolino tea is a natural source of antioxidants that contribute to the maintenance of health and strengthening protective functions of organism. All products are certified by the Food and Drug Administration of USA.

Mind Medley
– Peppermint leaves, orange peel, natural flavors
Jasmine Green Tea – Green Tea, Jasmine blossoms
Pomegranate White Tea – White Tea, Hibiscus, Berry fruit blend, natural flavors
Cardamom Black Tea – Black Tea, Cardamom seeds, natural flavors
Earl Grey – Black Tea Blend, natural flavors







The collection of Ticolion teas will not leave you indifferent after you meet.
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