6Nordic Naturals might be one of the most well-known fish oil brands in the U.S. Like Carlson’s, they’ve managed to find their way into many national health food stores like Whole Foods. However, unlike Carlson’s Fish Oil, their fish oils have much higher quality standards.

An Omega-3 Fish Oil Product For Every Purpose

With over 40 fish oil products available in multiple sizes, Nordic Naturals has a different omega-3 product for every conceivable purpose, including a large variety of products for children and synergistic formulas. In addition to offering standard fish oil with their Nordic Naturals Omega-3 capsules and liquid, and “ultra-refined” pharmaceutical grade fish oil with their Nordic Naturals Ultimate Omega-3, they also have many specialized products.

The Nordic Naturals Complete Omega-3-6-9 product offers GLA, an Omega-6 that synergizes with omega-3 fatty acids to further decrease inflammation. They also offer high quality cod liver oils with their Arctic Cod Liver Oil, which have ideal levels of Vitamin A and Vitamin D, so you don’t have to worry about that.

Nordic Naturals DHA is ideal for those looking to get much more DHA, and Nordic Natuarls EPA offers the same for those with EPA needs. They have a variety of children’s products such as Nordict Naturals Children’s DHA, Junior Omega-3-6-9 and Nordic Omega-3 Gummies. They also have a variety of fish oils designed for special uses, such as Omega-3 Woman, Omega LDL (for high cholesterol), Omega Blood Sugar, Ultimate DHA Eye and Ultimate Omega + CoQ10 for heart health. They even have cod liver oil for pets!

Extremely High Quality Fish Oil

As far as fish oil products go, Nordic Naturals is the cream of the carp (not literally carp but I can’t resist a good pun). Their fish oils pass the strict medical standards of Norway, and they recently began publishing their testing results of many of their products on the website of the third-party International Fish Oil Standards program. I once had concerns about them because they had IFOS-tested only one of their fish oil products and it was only a single batch several years ago, but I just checked the IFOS website and was pleasantly surprised to see they’ve recently begun expanding their IFOS testing. I also contacted Nordic Naturals and apparently they have been testing their fish oils with IFOS for years, but only recently began paying IFOS the additional expense of having the results published (which is quite costly!).

Patented Fish Oil Processing

Processing is always a concern with any natural food product, and this may apply to fish oil more than most other things. The lipids in fish oil are very sensitive, and the wrong handling can make them go rancid. Nordic Naturals uses patented, oxygen-free manufacturing processes to ensure that their fish oils are free of oxidation, which is what makes fish oils go bad — theirs are 14 times below the Norwegian Medicinal Standard limits!

Great Tasting Oils, No Fishy Repeat

Nordic Naturals uses a proprietary enzyme-based process to eliminate the possibility of repeat, also known as “fish burps,” a side effect many people have a problem with when taking most other fish oils. Another patented process is then used to add natural fruit essences into both the fish oil capsules and liquid omega-3 oils for a light, fruity taste. Their fish oils come in a variety flavors, but the cod liver oil has the best variety. The Nordic Naturals Arctic Cod Liver Oil is available in the following flavors: Orange, Lemon, Strawberry, Peach, Spiced Apple and Plain.

Award-Winning Fish Oils

They have won several awards for their omega-3 products. Nordic Naturals was ranked #1 out of the top 10 fish oil brands in Norway due to having highest concentration, freshness and purity. The fish oil products in Norway are closely monitored by the Norwegian Medicinal Standards, which have the most stringent requirements in the world for fish oil, so this award is really quite an honor. They were also given several Most Valuable Product (MVP) awards by Therapy Times, an extremely popular website for therapeutic professionals in the health care community.