Almost every fifth inhabitant of our planet has fungous diseases of heels and nails of feet.  Relationship of cause and effect of these diseases is caused by several factors, such as diseases of violation of blood circulation of the extremities, the lowered immunity, objects of household use, visits to manicurist, and also communication with animals, etc.

Scientists carried out а very interesting laboratory test: slippers of people having fungous diseases were placed in a case for 20 years and when they took them out, it was found out that the number of fungi was permanent for these years, i.e. their activity hadn't go down. Fungi can become the reason for a number of unpleasant phenomena: general weakness, headache, nausea, dizziness, rhinitis, allergic rhinitis, rheumatism of extremities, dermatosis, etc.

- How should we understand that a person suffers from the onychomykosis?

In general it is seen by the appearance of nails. The first symptom of fungous defeat is an emergence of cracks between toes and liquid allocation.  After that the illness extends on nails.  In cases of foot fungous defeats of the patient has an itch, a feeling of discomfort, an unpleasant smell.  Usually fungi rise from a foot on the top part of foot, gradually changing appearance of nails: at first there is a yellow strip at the edge of a nail, then it becomes yellow-sulfur, the nail gradually grows dull, becomes fragile, exfoliates and deformed.  The nail becomes rigid, and horny skin accumulates under it. In case if you don't prevent the illness in time, the nail can collapse completely, and the fungus from nails of foot can be transferred to nails of hands.  If you doubt whether you have one of the specified problems you should immediately visit a dermatologist.

- How onychomykosis is diagnosed?

-  The diagnosis of onychomykosis is made by nail appearance or by means of laboratory microscopic research of a nail scraper.

- What dangers can onychomykosis contain?

Secondary infections might be added to fungous defeats and this can increase an inflammation of nail rollers, and an abscess can be formed as a result of it.  The fungi paleola can get also onto a healthy skin and become а reason for fungous defeats in interdigital folds.

- Мany people treat onychomykosis on their acquaintances’ or pharmaceutists’ advice, your opinion on it, please.

- I would advise not to self-treat as you can have complications. Today numerous all-system antifungal preparations and preparations of external application are sold, but in any case reception of tablets or use of ointments has to be carried out on a doctor's advice as except tablets and ointments an implementation of podological processings is necessary, sometimes it is required to remove the affected nail and to carry out podological processings that promotes implementation of complex treatment. There are cases when a patient occurs to have some allergic reaction to tablets or any struck condition of a liver or kidneys, and it becomes necessary to carry out treatment of fungous defeats without preparations of internal application, only external means should be used.  In such cases treatment lasts longer and takes more efforts, both from the expert, and from the patient.

- What are the main symptoms of infection?

-  Generally children and old people suffer from these diseases, as their immunity is weakened or hasn't become stronger yet.  There are also in group of risk those people who have "standing" work, have expansion of veins, wounds, overcooling of extremities, etc.

Fungi start present in an itch; they "wander" all about organism, misleading blood and lymphatic systems. In the most difficult cases fungi filter into a brain cover. Sometimes in cases of fungous diseases an increase of lymph nodes is observed.