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Wigmore Clinic is a modern center for orthopedics, sports traumatology, vertebral surgery, vascular surgery, pediatrics, dentistry and interventional radiology. The clinic provides both outpatient and inpatient services. It is the only clinic in the region where laboratory of gait clinical examination is present.

Only experienced specialists work in the clinic. Many of them have been trained in European countries, the United States, Canada, etc. Exchange of experience is very important for us, as our goal is to make available the global advanced medicine for local residents. We regularly invite our foreign partners, who conduct consultations and operations together with our doctors.

Individual approach to each patient is very important at Wigmore Clinic, and any work is carried out with the active use of modern solutions.


Zaven A. Koloyan


Wigmore Clinic
Wigmore Clinic
Wigmore Clinic
Wigmore Clinic
Wigmore Clinic
Wigmore Clinic
Wigmore Clinic
Wigmore Clinic
Wigmore Clinic
Wigmore Clinic
Wigmore Clinic
Wigmore Clinic
Wigmore Clinic
Wigmore Clinic


Pediatric orthopedics

The Pediatric orthopedics unit deals with diagnosis of any disorders of the children's locomotor system and with treatment of congenital or acquired diseases (except for malignant neoplasms), including skeletal and muscular disorders, such as luxations, differences in limb length, scoliosis, kyphosis, etc. Correction of congenital clubfoot and treatment of problems caused by cerebral palsy is also carried out in the unit.

Gait clinical analysis 

The gait laboratory is a set of equipment that allows to get accurate information about the all parameters of walking. Prior to the technical examination, a full clinical examination is carried out to obtain information on the range of movements of the lower limbs, the relative length of the muscles, the anatomical structure, strength of muscles and spasticity.
The laboratory is unique in the CIS region. The examination is controlled by 12 high-speed sensory cameras, muscle strength is checked using force rollers, and electrical activity of the muscles of the lower limbs during walking is recorded by electromyography.

Adult orthopedics and sports traumatology

The adult orthopedics unit is equipped with modern medical apparatus. Physicians and surgeons with huge experience work here. In recent years, thousands of operations have been carried out and continue to be performed in the unit. About 500 athletes from Armenia and abroad have undergone surgeries at our clinic.
The department also provides endoprosthetics of large joints, reconstructive surgery of the cruciate and lateral ligaments of the knee joint, arthroscopy, reconstructive meniscus surgery, reconstruction of post-traumatic defects of cartilage, surgical treatment of fractures, mosaicoplasty, conservative treatment of joint pain, conservative and surgical treatment of sports injuries.

Vertebral surgery

The unit performs conservative and surgical treatment of congenital or acquired diseases of the spine (corsets, gypsum corrective corsets, operations for fixation, correction, surgery of intercostal discs). The unikt is equipped with modern devices, including an apparatus that controls blood loss during surgical interventions, prepares the patient’s blood and transfuses it back. During the operation, neuromonitoring is performed, which significantly reduces the risk of the spinal cord damage.


Rehabilitation treatment is carried out according to the instructions of doctor, both for children and for adults. The unit has a multi-joint Biodex system, which can reproduce the movements of all joints. Biodex is used in sports medicine and in rehabilitation treatment. One of the advantages of the system is that it can perform movements with multiple repetitions and for a given range of movements.


The unit provides diagnostics and treatment of the vascular system diseases, including arteries and veins of the whole body (except for vessels of the head and heart), as well as the lymphatic system diseases. In case of indication, patients can be examined right in the unit (ultrasound diagnostics of vessels (duplex) and CT angiography). Surgical interventions are also carried out, including the treatment of varicose veins with open or intravenous (without an incision) method, sclerotherapy (correction of small diameter varicose veins by injection of special preparations), port-a-cath implantation (usually performed for chemotherapy of patients with cancer), a number of arterial operations.


Only highly professional specialists work in Wigmore Clinic pediatric unit. It is equipped with modern apparatus and provides outpatient consultations on pediatric pathologies, as well as short-term or long-term inpatient treatment. The unit deals with any problem of a general pediatric profile (acute respiratory infections, tonsillitis, diseases accompanied by vomiting and irregular stools, fever, growth and nutritional disorders, etc.).


The radiology unit is equipped with modern X-ray and CT devices. Computed tomography is the most accurate diagnostic method without absolute contraindications. Examinations are performed with ultra low radiological load. The digital x-ray apparatus is also a multifunctional device. The clinic is the only one in Armenia where the Stitch program is implemented. It provides an opportunity to get an x-ray image of the whole body. CT diagnostics is carried out for both adults and children.

Ultrasound diagnostics

Ultrasound is a method of examination of body invisible layers by sound waves without radiation. Ultrasound diagnostics unit provides examination of the mammary gland, lymph nodes and soft tissues, as well as abdominal organs, with the exception of the intestines and stomach. The liver, gallbladder, pancreas, spleen, kidneys, and bladder can be examined. During the study, the vascular permeability, the presence of blood clots and atherosclerotic constriction and varicose veins are evaluated.

Interventional radiology

Interventional radiology is a minimally invasive method for obtaining the necessary material for histological examination under the control of radiation diagnostic apparatus. In the Interventional radiology unit a probe or a catheter is inserted through a very small opening into the body through veins, arteries or skin for cunduction of local interventions, such as ablation of small tumors, or embolization of tumor vessels and other procedures. The advantage of interventional radiology compared with conventional surgery is that the patient recovers faster, interventions are mainly performed with local anesthesia and in a minimally invasive way.


The clinic offers a wide range of dental services: therapeutic dentistry, surgical dentistry, implantology, pediatric dentistry, paradontology, prosthetics, and aesthetic dentistry. Modern equipment and professionalism of dentists help visitors to get a healthy and beautiful smile.


Dermatology unit provides examination and treatment of any problem associated with skin, hair, nails (psoriasis, eczema, neurodermatitis, atopic dermatitis, viral, bacterial, fungal skin lesions, pigmentation, etc.). The unit also deals with aesthetic problems associated with aging, hair loss and increased sweating. Diagnosis of tumors and hereditary skin diseases is also carried out.


Ophthalmology unit provides full diagnosis and treatment of different eye diseases, including inflammatory diseases, glaucoma, eye changes associated with diabetes, etc. All this prucedures are carried out with use of modern equipment. The unit provides also individual selection of glasses and contact lenses.

Anesthesiology and intensive care unit

The aim of the anesthesiology and intensive care unit is to provide general or local anesthesia and muscle relaxation. Anesthesia is carried out in accordance with the medical standards of developed countries. The unit has the best equipment that meets the requirements of anesthesia. The doctors of the department have been trained as specialists for both adults and children, therefore, the clinic performs anesthesia for all age groups.


Laboratory carries out clinical, biochemical, serological, immunological, bacteriological and PCR tests. Laboratory is equipped with automatic devices manufactured by world leading companies.

Sports medicine

Athletes and people who are actively involved in sports differ from other people by their physiological processes.That's why Sports Medicine Unit was opened at Wigmore Clinic, which serves students of all Yerevan sports schools and provides sports medicine services.
Here athletes undergo a full medical examination at least once a year. The package of medical care includes consultations of narrow specialists (sports doctor, traumatologist, neurologist, cardiologist, ophthalmologist, dermatologist) and data of instrumental examinations.


Cardiological service of "Wigmore Clinic" is equipped with modern devices and offers prevention and treatment of cardiac problems. The following services are provided in the cardiology department:

  • pediatric cardiology
  • adult cardiology
  • diagnosis of congenital and acquired heart defects
  • electrocardiography
  • echocardiography
  • 24 hour blood pressure monitoring

ENT service

''Wigmore Clinic'' offers a wide range of ENT services with the help of highly qualified specialists and modern equipment, in particular, we perform:

  • Endoscopic, computed tomography, diagnostics of diseases of ENT organs
  • Conservative treatment of acute and chronic ENT diseases:
  1. adenoid growths,
  2. difficulty nasal breathing for various reasons
  3. acute and chronic otitis media,
  4. sinusitis,
  5. polypous rhinosinusitis.
  • Planned and emergency operations for ENT diseases and their complications:
  1. adenotomy,
  2. Tonsillectomy (removal of the tonsils),
  3. Paratonsillar abscess incision,
  4. Reposition of the nasal bones,
  5. tympanotomy
  6. eardrum shunting,
  7. elimination of adhesion of the nasal cavity
  8. plastic surgery of the nasal septum,
  9. Surgical treatment of hypertrophic vasomotor rhinitis;
  10. Endoscopic operations of the nasal cavity.

Plastic Surgery

There is no limit to beauty and perfection. Wigmore Clinic offers plastic surgery services by an EU certified surgeon. We ensure maximum comfort and short recovery to our patients by implementation of modern technologies and international standards.

Plastic surgery includes not only aesthetic but also reconstructive surgery services.

The following services are provided at Wigmore Clinic:

  • Plastic surgeries of
  1. Nose
  2. Eyelids
  3. Ears
  4. Faces
  5. Thighs and arms
  • Breast augmentation
  • Liposuction
  • Lipofilling
  • Abdominoplasty
  • Thigh, calf և seat plastic surgery with endoprostheses
  • Skin surgery
  • Scar correction
  • Aesthetic foot surgery
  • Plastic rehabilitation surgeries
  • Microsurgery
  • Intimate plastic surgeries

Zaven Aghasi Koloyan

Surgeon (spine), Traumatologist-orthopedist

Karen (Garen) A. Koloyan


Ara V. Antaranyan

Surgeon (spine), Traumatologist-orthopedist

Hayk K. Avagyan


Davit O. Abrahamyan

Surgeon (plastic)

Ani A. Rapyan


Aramayis S. Galumyan

Surgeon (general)

Aida H. Papikyan


Gurgen A. Poghosyan


Seda H. Harutyunyan


Maxim B. Badasyan


Khachatur Sevan Mkrtchyan


Davit G. Sekoyan


Alla G. Abrahamyan


Anna H. Martirosyan


Eduard M. Aghiyan

Surgeon (vascular)

Knarik V. Ginosyan


Levon G. Davtyan


Zori K. Madoyan

Surgeon (general)

Arus Arzumanyan


Anushavan Safaryan


Ruben A. Sahakyan


Adi A. Mhoyan


Lusine N. Avetyan

Pediatrician, Allergologist

Hasmik Asaturyan


Hayk H. Aghamalyan


Lilit Mkrtchyan


Naira V. Gogyan


Yuri A. Simonyan


Davit S. Margaryan

Endoscopist, Gastroenterologist

Karen G. Grigoryan

Surgeon (general)

Arpine R. Simonyan

Therapeutist, Gastroenterologist

Lilit Y. Marutyan