Spitak Amroc Dental Clinic

27/1 Adonts st., 6th entrance, 2nd floor, Yerevan, Armenia
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Our Dental Clinic was established for exacting people with special demands to the quality, comfort and service, who value their individuality, beauty and health! To provide high quality treatment, the Dentistry Center uses the most recent еquipments and materials of leading Western producers. In our clinic professionalism, quality of unpainful treatment, conveniences, special care and soulful warmth to every patient are guaranteed, so that in the clinic аrea you will forget about the usual fears, pursuing when attending the dentist and will feel care and comfort.

Complex and exact diagnosis stands for the guarantee of qualitative and successful treatment, and for that reason а component part of the Clinic is the roentgenologic cabinet.

Our dentists are specialists of wide profile, who passed preparatory course abroad. A high percent of successful restoration of teeth, even those of greatly damaged is the evidence of scrupulosity of our specialists, who spend all their energy, vocation and talent to restore health of the patients. All kinds of treatment are done with full anesthesia. All anesthetic means are selected individually for each patient, including patients with diseases of cardiovascular system.

All sanitary standards are complied in the Clinic, which help to reach maximum possible safety of treatment. For ten years of practice no case of infection and contamination of viruses and other diseases of patients are fixed.

The Dental Medical Clinic “WHITE CASTLE” is a high-qualified and professional dental care for the whole family. Ethics and aesthetics, competence, service and guarantee of quality are the main principles of our work.
Patient safety - one of the highlights of our work, that's why sterilization room we call the "heart of the hospital". After each patient the dental tools are disinfected with the materials, which have bactericidal activity against tuberculosis, HIV, hepatitis A and B, herpes, as well as antifungal activity. 
After using the tools they are passing the following stage of disinfection
  •  Chemical disinfection with French firm Anios
  •  Mechanical disinfection with cleanable facilities 
  •  Cleaning and disinfection of the ultrasound bath 
  •  Placed in a solution Anios / hexanios for 45 minutes
  •  Final cleaning is in distilled water, drying and packaging in special packages. 
  •  Placed in an autoclave (Peltron Crane, USA), where the tools are at the heat disinfection. At the end of this proccess tools are stored in the closet.

In the clinic have not been any cases of infection of the patient yet.

Dental Tourism

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David A. Hovhannesyan


Spitak Amroc Dental Clinic
Spitak Amroc Dental Clinic
Spitak Amroc Dental Clinic
Spitak Amroc Dental Clinic
Spitak Amroc Dental Clinic
Spitak Amroc Dental Clinic
Spitak Amroc Dental Clinic
Spitak Amroc Dental Clinic
Spitak Amroc Dental Clinic
Spitak Amroc Dental Clinic
Spitak Amroc Dental Clinic
Spitak Amroc Dental Clinic
Spitak Amroc Dental Clinic
Spitak Amroc Dental Clinic


  • Treatment of caries
  • Treatment of complications of caries (treated endodontics) 
  • Aesthetic restoration of teeth
  • Composite veneers
  • Teeth whitening


  •  Ceramic veneers
  •  Ceramic prosthetics without metal (CAD / CAM technology) based on zirconia
  •  Full ceramic prosthetics
  •  Metal-prosthesis
  •  Clasp dentures of any complexity
  •  Adhesive bridges prosthetics
  •  Prosthesis on implants
  •  Fully removable prosthetics
  •  Stabilization of the prosthesis using dental implants. 


  •  Dental Implants of any complexity
  •  Bone grafting
  •  Professional tooth removal
  •  Outpatient surgery

Hygiene and prevention

  • Professional care for oral hygiene
  • A comprehensive program for prevention of caries
  • A program for pregnant women

Pediatric Dentistry

  •  Prevention of dental caries
  •  Deep fluoridation of teeth
  •  Treatment of permanent teeth

Davit A. Hovhannisyan


Naira H. Hovhannesyan


Karen Zh. Abrahamyan


Ani Atanesyan