Research center for prevention of hospital infecti

14 Titogradyan str., 0087, Yerevan, Armenia
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About our center
June 10, 2011 by the decision of the Government N 1353, a scientific center for the prevention of hospital infections SNCO was created. The first work of the new Science Center was the elaboration of National Plan for 2012-2016 years Control and prevention of hospital infections in the Republic of Armenia. The Government confirmed the plan in 2012, June 28.
  • Department of education Developing, organizing and conducting educational programs for health care workers and other clinical specialists.
  • Methodological department Working on normative regulations for infection prevention, methodological recommendations and guidelines.
  • Department of Infection Control - Elaborating forms of periodic reports. - Setting cooperation between Research center for prevention of hospital infections and other health care facilities (information from the medical institutions to the center, data processing in the center and developing methodological guidelines for each health care facility). - Conducting surveys of medical institutions and evaluating the latters’ control ablilities over infections; sanitary certification.
  • Department of antibiotics and disinfectants menagement -- Developing a policy of antibiotics in medical facilities, setting cooperation between medical institutions and pharma therapists. - Providing dynamic control of laboratory disinfectants used in medical institutions.
  • Department of prevention of occupational hazards - Study of the level and causes of occupational hazards of medical staff, development of preventive measures: vacancy



Anahit Sargsyan