"Helios Podology" Medical Center

27/1 Amiryan str., 0032, Yerevan, Armenia
+374 11 77 01 55
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+374 10 50 50 99

"Helios Podology" Medical Center, which specializes in the treatment of toe and nail diseases, was founded in 2015. The medical services in the center are provided by experienced and highly qualified dermatologist-venerologists, dermatologist-cosmetologists, endocrinologists. The medical footcare in the center is carried out by the German GEHWOL specialized care products, the official representative of which in Armenia is "Helios Podology" Medical Center. At the center we use the world-known GERLACH technique. All the materials are eco-friendly and do not contain artificial additives.

All services in our center are performed with disinfected and single use tools. "Helios Podology” carries out their full medical disinfection in accordance with the international standards. The aesthetic side of the hands and feet is provided by the American brand Jessica, the founder of which is the Armenian Jessica Vardughyan. The only and official representative of this brand in Armenia is also "Helios" Medical Center. The American brand Jessica has special materials for nail biting.

The specialists of the center have been trained at the prestigious Podiatry School in the German town Hanover. They are licensed and are constantly improving their professional skills and abilities in the leading companies in this field. 

"Helios Podology" is a branch of "Helios" Medical Center, which was founded by the Armenian Association of Podiatrists and where there work podiatrists. 


Helen Ghazar Azaryan


Tamara Azat Gevorgyan


Podiatry services are:

  • Problem foot treatment (fungal, diabetic),
  • Ingrown nail treatment,
  • Corn removal,
  • Nail prosthesis,
  • Tile installation,
  • Taping,
  • Kinetic foot massage,
  • Arcade method,
  • Removal of warts,
  • Wound surface treatment,
  • Crack bandage with flesiveb,
  • Plasmotherapy,
  • Botulinum therapy of the foot,
  • Carboxytherapy.

The center has expanded its range of services. In addition to podiatry problems, the center also provides:

  • Aesthetic manicure / pedicure,
  • Face care,
  • Hydrocare,
  • Diode laser hair removal / electropilation,
  • Diagnostic laboratory,
  • Ultrasound.

Narrow specialists:

  • Dermatologist,
  • Endocrinologist,
  • Physiotherapist.

At the center we provide podiatric services and make individual orthopedic inserts.

For the diagnosis of flat feet, we use plantography and podoscopy at the center.