"DDC" Digital Diagnosis and Planning Center

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"DDC" Digital Diagnosis and Planning Center

When is the diagnosis most important...

We have developed a working system that will allow us to work with all the medical centers, clinics, doctors who want to provide their patients with only quality diagnostics in digital form.

"DDS" Center is equipped with state-of-the-art digital technologies, has a skilled staff who have specialized in the application of digital technologies for more than 10 years, which allows you to get a virtual image of the patient's physical image with maximum accuracy. At our center, treatment planning և is provided by Artak Andranik Kerobyan, who is often in Moscow, հատկապես provides advice especially in difficult cases.

The center uses Planmeca state-of-the-art computed tomography equipment, which is one of the leaders in the field, has a minimum level of radiation, so it is also safe for babies. The device has a smart algorithm for correcting movements, due to which double movements and tremors are canceled. The density, structure and size of the bone are clearly visible. Thanks to the unique built-in cameras, we get a high quality 3D image, which is later combined with a scanner to get the maximum accurate result.

Using the latest generation 3Shape intraoral scanner, we get a high-precision digital oral scan. Bite: upper jaw, lower jaw, missing tooth, etc., depending on the specific case of the patient.

If necessary, we receive a photo protocol of the patient. With the help of appropriate programs, the patient is able to see what the denture will look like after the end of the treatment before starting the treatment.

If necessary, the patient undergoes a blood test to avoid complications during further treatment (implantation, surgery).

We bring the patient from the physical state to the virtual state, receiving all the information in numerical coordinates. Our skilled specialists with 10 years of experience start processing the files, planning the treatment process. Specialists work with Implant Studio, Ortho analyzer, Smile design programs, can even determine the color of the tooth digitally.

With the Implant Studio program, the optimal position of the implants is selected, a surgical template is designed and grown, which helps the doctor to get the pre-planned predictable result.

Taking into account the patient's aesthetic and functional abnormalities, the orthodontist uses ortho-analyzer to plan treatment, which can be done with both braces and liners. According to the plan, in accordance with each stage of the treatment, 3D models are grown, on the basis of which the liners are made.

With the help of Smile design program, the patient has the opportunity to see the final result at the beginning of the treatment.



  • Digital diagnosis
  • Digital implantation (surgical templates)
  • Digital orthodontics (digital treatment planning, liners)
  • Digital orthopedics (oral scan, digital model)
  • Maxillofacial computed tomography (CT examination)
  • 3D scanning
  • Photo protocol:

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