"BioMed" Diagnostic Laboratory

Shengavit, 5 Yeghishe Tadevosyan str., Nor Nork, 8 Gay avenue,
Malatya - Sebastia, 102/60 Z. Andranik str.
+374 10 48 38 79
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"BioMed" Diagnostic Laboratory was founded in 2009. The main goal of the laboratory was to provide the public with a wide range of high-quality research and a flexible pricing system in one place. Our most affordable studies are those, which are most in demand.

Both experienced and young specialists work in the laboratory.

The study is conducted using the latest equipment from the best world famous companies, such as:

  • Swiss company Roche with devices Cobas e 411 (Immunological), Cobas c311 (Biochemical), 9180 Electrolyte analyser (Electrolytes).
  • Japanese device Sysmex XN-350, Sysmex XS 500i (Clinical)
  • French company STAGO's with devices Start 4 and Start Max
  • German equipment Rotor Gene Q (PCR studies)

Quality control is carried out at all levels using both external and internal quality control mechanisms. The laboratory collaborates with the Reference Institute for Bioanalytics, which is an external international research center.

BioMed Diagnostic Laboratory received ISO 9001: 2015 certificate from the renowned international (Canadian) company PECB.

We constantly monitor changes in this area at the international level, participate in various professional conferences, apply new technologies and professional skills to make research more qualitative.


Karen Avagyan


"BioMed" diagnostic laboratory provides the following services:

  1. General clinical resarch
  2. Biochemical research
  3. Lipid metabolism
  4. Acute phase proteins
  5. Iron metabolism
  6. Anemia
  7. Vitamins
  8. Blood coagulation
  9. Testing Mononucleotide Polymorphism (PCR)
  10. Genetic disorders of the folate cycle (PCR)
  11. Diabetes
  12. Thyroid gland research
  13. Adrenal glands research
  14. Diagnosis of gastritis
  15. Oncomarkers
  16. Reproductive function
  17. Pregnancy screening
  18. Growth factors
  19. Autoimmune diagnosis
  20. Humoral immunity
  21. Infections
  22. Infections (PCR method)
  23. Femoflor / Androflor
  24. Microbiological tests
  25. Examination of faeces
  26. Parasites