"Bari Khnamq" Pateient and Senior Care Center

Koryuni St., 19a Building, 1st Entrance, 5th Floor, 0009, Yerevan, Armenia
+374 94 58 63 14

High-quality care service and provision of care to the elderly and people with health problems both at home and at hospital.

Our goal:

The main goal of  "Bari khnamq" organization is to provide caring, high-quality care and assistance to the elderly with health problems, both at home and outside of the house. We are ready to help you at any time of the day. We guarantee that our services will bring psychological peace and peace of mind to your family.

Our mission:

The mission of "Bari khnamq" organization is to provide mindful care to patients who have undergone surgery, have fractures and injuries, people with chronic illnesses, the disabled and the elderly. We seek to help the elderly and the sick to make their lives easier by means of sharing our warmth and care with them.

The vast majority of our staff have professional education and extensive experience of work with patients. Many of them have undergone specialized training and know the specifics of care for patients with various diseases conditioned by their physical and psychosomatic state. Therefore, we try to choose a specialist for patients, taking into consideration the specifics of the diagnosis, in accordance with the care and rehabilitation plan recommended by the doctor.

Our services are most effective and convenient for the customers. We provide all the requirements for sanitary care. Our customers can choose any package according to their needs and financial capabilities. We are convinced that the care of a sick person is not limited to mere mechanical operations.

We greatly value the caregiver's attitude toward the patient. Positive emotions and external support accelerate the recovery from serious illnesses, even in case of socially active people. It is simply impossible to adapt to the new realities of life, to one's own abilities, without necessary care and external support. Physical weakness, difficulties in self-care, difficulties in communication conditioned by poor sight and hearing: it is important not only to understand and accept these problems, but also to be able to encourage the patient, to support physical activities without degrading the dignity of the person.

Our specialists successfully carry out the tasks set before them.


Main services:

✅ Care services both at home and at hospital

✅ ❗️Care for people with coronavirus

✅ Around the clock caregiver services, both at home and at hospital

✅ Companion and home assistant services

✅ Care of patients with dementia

✅ Transportation of patients

✅ Transportation of people in wheelchairs

✅ Ensuring personal hygiene of elderly and patients

✅ Food supply and cooking

✅ Rental of various non-food products

???? Our caregivers are ready to be with the patient 24 hours a day and to assist in any issue

????In recent years, the elderly are in a very dangerous, vulnerable group of Covid, that is why they need proper, necessary specialized care. "Bari khanmq" is ready to assist in this for 1-24 hours a day

???? We provide round-the-clock, as well as 8-12-hour care at home or in medical institutions

???? Necessary and proper care after coronavirus

The care service includes:

???? Necessary and proper care

???? Cooking and feeding

????  Personal, partial hygiene (changing the diaper if necessary) 

????  House cleaning (regular ventilation of the room)

????  Timely delivery of medicines

???? Interesting leisure (reading, talk, games, etc.)

???? If necessary, we can also provide medical assistance

Our caregivers:

???? Perceive the patient's character and are able to become his reliable assistant, even his friend.

???? They are endowed with qualities such as decency, tact, professionalism and are ready to use their knowledge and skills to help you.

???? Besides the usual services, the elderly especially need support and mutual understanding. Communication is very important for them. The caregiver can read a book or a newspaper, talk about neutral topics.

???? By choosing our home service, you get a specialist you can trust to care for your loved one, patient or the elderly. Do not leave your relative unattended.

???? The specialist knows how important it is to create an atmosphere of mental and physical peace. 

We guarantee that our services will bring psychological peace and peace of mind.


Use the "Bari khnamq" comfortable, high-quality walkers and wheelchairs that will make the life and household easier for people with mobility problems.


????❗️ 3000 AMD per week instead of the previous 4000 AMD

???? ❗️By using our walkers you can go from one place to another on your own.


???? ❗️5000 AMD per week insted of the previous 8000 AMD

???? ❗️1500 AMD per day instead of the previous 2000 AMD

????????‍???? By using our wheelchairs you can easily move from one place to another on your own or with the help of another person.

♿️ Wheelchairs are made of steel, are very strong and have a special protective stainless steel surface. Wheelchairs have adjustable movable backs and seats, adjustable footrest.