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The work carried out with people - psychological, pedagogical, entertainment, etc. - has always required and requires double responsibility and preparation. The foundation, which is instilled by adults from childhood, accompanies us throughout life, and it is extremely important to guide personality and behavior in the right direction, and in case of deviations, to prevent or correct them in time.

Of course, in this regard, the correct role of not only the family and educational institutions, but also psychologists is invaluable. The growth and formation of today's new generation is almost impossible to imagine without the participation of psychologists. They are involved in children's problems not only abroad, but also in Armenia, where, especially during the last 10-20 years, the interest in the services of specialists dealing with child psychology has grown significantly. Children's psychological centers are successively established and functioning, some are effective enough, some are not effective enough, but the fact is that the demand for these centers is great in our country, therefore, they should serve the purpose as much as possible and help parents to solve problems that often seem intractable.

From the beginning, the "Banali" family center sought to ensure high efficiency of work with children and families, and it succeeded. The key to the center's success is the "Key" method.

Thus, the method is a unique combination of the key principles of the French psychoanalytical school, the Soviet pedagogical school and the Armenian family traditions based on multifaceted studies (the author of the method is Narine Israelyan, founder of the "Banali" family center, psychotherapist of the French psychoanalytical school, family psychologist).

All this, in turn, is adapted to the spirit and requirements of our time. The international experience of studying family-parent-child relations is also taken into account. Each of the three combined directions is presented within the framework of the method with its most targeted advantages, which are applicable and not outdated.


Narine Israyelyan


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Banali Family Center
Banali Family Center


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