Armenian Association of Diabetic Foot

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Our Mission
The Armenian Association of the Diabetic Foot (AADF) is a nonprofit organization founded in 2009. Our mission is the prevention and treatment of diabetic foot and its complications providing a high quality medical care. We develop our recommendations based exclusively on evidence-based medicine and international consensus guidelines on management of diabetic foot. This approach allows for prevention of diabetes-related lower extremity amputations in many patients and significantly decreases the extent of the latter.

Another objective of our organization is to increase the awareness among the general public of diabetes, diabetes-related complications, and available therapeutic opportunities.

AADF activities are focused on organizing the health care professionals in Armenia and abroad dealing with diabetic foot into a solid multidisciplinary collaboration network. By joining our efforts, we will be able to provide the standard of care treatment to our patients suffering from diabetic foot and salvage lower extremities threatened by diabetes. Currently, no statistical data are available on the incidence of diabetic foot in Armenia and Artsakh, and one of our goals is to develop a national patient registry and clarify the epidemiological picture of the disease in the country. By creating a collaborative network of specially trained primary healthcare specialists in the regions, AADF will facilitate the early diagnostics of this pathology, make possible continuous surveillance over the epidemiological picture of the diabetic foot in the country, and in time referral of the patients to specialized diabetic foot centers.

AADF supports clinical and basic research activities focused on diabetic foot and its complications. Our plans include training of physicians and researchers and organization of national scientific conferences.



Nune Soghomonyan
Appropriate diagnostics of different types of diabetic foot disease
  • neuropathic diabetic foot (with or without ulcer)
  • neuropathic-infected diabetic foot
  • ischaemic diabetic foot
  • mixed neuro-ischaemic diabetic foot

The treatment includes different modalities directed to
  • optimizing of the diabetic status of the patient
  • rational antimicrobial therapy along with the above
  • correct and in time revascularization of the lower limb
  • complex therapeutic measures

  • orthopedic rehabilitation of the weight-bearing foot commensurate to the life style of the patient
  • psychosocial rehabilitation of the diabetic foot patients for both after high level amputations and after limb preserving surgery
  • monitoring and prevention of diabetic foot complications