Hard to imagine the spring and summer wardrobe without stylish and beautiful skirts... But what to do with the weight, edema, swollen veins and capillaries cobweb? The right decision is to consult the expert.

Varicose is a disease when the walls of the saphenous veins lose their elasticity, as a result the vessels are stretched, blood circulation is distorted, a network of extended capillaries emerges (the first sign of varicose veins). These phenomena is a result of such risk factors as family history, obesity, lack of exercise, prolonged pressure on feet, hormonal imbalance, smoking and alcohol, as well as frequent hot applications and high heels.

Varicose disease affects equally both women and men. The access to the doctor in time will help stop the progression of the disease and eliminate the emerged cosmetic defects.

It is over twenty years as the sources of light radiation and lasers have been applied to fight with abnormal blood vessels and spider veins on the legs. In the center of aesthetic medicine "Maletti", the patient passes a comprehensive study of the vessels. Consultations, ultrasound examination of the vessels (Doppler ultrasound) are provided, and only after these procedures the ELOS removal of the affected vessels is conducted.

The system eMax LV / LVA operates on a combination of two kinds of energy: (RF) and laser, the optimal parameters of which can be customized depending on the task.

The combined effect of these energies leads to the coagulation of the vessel. This process is described as follows: first, the optical energy goes into the dermis, in the lumen of the vessel, where it is absorbed by hemoglobin of the blood, then the optical energy is converted into heat, after which the temperature increases and due to the difference of the electrical properties of tissues and blood vessels, the RF energy is sent to the vessels. The vessel is heated by a combination of laser and RF energy, adventitia and vascular endothelium are damaged, and vascular wall starts sticking.

Then there is a cessation of blood flow in the vessel, and the disappearance of the extended defect of the vessel. After the first procedure, the cosmetic effect is already visible. The method is available and convenient, the risk of side effects is reduced (pigmentation, burns, bruises and scarring of the skin) during the removing blood vessels. The procedure is performed without invasive intervention that prevents infection.

The result is usually achieved after 4-8 weeks of treatment.

Vascular defect removal by ELOS technology on the eMax device at the center of aesthetic medicine "Maletti"