Is there a time limit? My previous Psychologist implied that 6 months was too long be seeing her for and that i should of been cured ages ago. I only saw her once every 2 to 4 weeks during that period so that was a total of 6 x 1hour sessions. After my last visit, she said "No need to make an appointment, ill call you''. 
Thing is i knew what she ment by that, and 7 weeks on she hasnt yet called to make that appoitment. So no suprises there. But why couldnt she just say "I dont know how to help you, or I think ive done all i can do" as opposed to what she did.
To be honest i didnt really like her. After each session, she would come out and and right in front of the receptionst (who was an 18 year old girl) say things like "Perhaps next time you come in you will have a job" in which i was so embarrassed. I would always leave feeling so stupid and depressed, making me regret ever seeing a psych in the first place.
Anyway whats the normal time frame for seeing a Psychologist? and how long have you been seeing yours?