On the 22th of June, at the National Academic theatre of opera and ballet after Aram Khachaturyan, the board "National trust" organizes the award "Best doctor and best medical institution of the year".

The award "Best doctor and best medical institution of the year" aims to present and honor the best experts and organizations of the medical field.

 Such events also affect the detection of the best experts and institutions and the creation of a platform for competition.
By the initiative of the board "National trust", the independent sociological center "Sociometer" has already started social surveys and peer reviews.

The survey is conducted among the public and health professionals, using 2 forms (samples provided). In the first form, the reader must choose a medical institution, and in the second form, the best specialist of the institution. The numbers are evaluated by a special formula.

(2x other institution + 1x own institution): number of votes = Rating
Results of the health award of 24.06.2012  are available here.

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