Driclor®  solution

Instructions for users

Driclor Solution The active ingredient in Driclor Solution is aluminium chloride hexahydrate, which is a well established prescription treatment for excessive perspiration. It is believed to work by forming a gel matrix in the sweat glands. This gradually reduces the amount of water which can escape. The excess water is then re-absorbed into the body, and disposed of in the normal way as urine. Within just a few weeks of use, the problem of excessive perspiration should be controlled.


Ensure that the affected areas to be treated are completely dry before application.
Do not apply Driclor to broken, irritated or recently shaven skin Avoid contact with eyes.
Avoid direct contact with clothing and polished metal surfaces.


Apply Driclor last thing at night after drying the affected areas carefully.
Wash off in the morning.
Do not re-apply the product during the day.
Initially the product may be applied each night until sweating stops during the day.
The frequency of application may then be reduced to twice a week or less.

Before using DRICLOR

1.    Ensure the affected areas are perfectly dry before applying DRICLOR. Do not apply to broken or irritated skin.
2.    Do not bathe the affected areas just before using DRICLOR. Allow at least one hour after bathing.
3.    Do not use a hair removal cream or shave the armpits 24 hours before or after using the product.

How and when to use DRICLOR

1.    Apply last thing at night when completely relaxed.
2.    Make sure the skin is perfectly dry before applying DRICLOR.
3.    The next morning, wash and dry the areas you have treated. Do not re-apply DRICLOR again during the day.
4.    At first, you should use DRICLOR each night until sweating stops during the day. You may then find you can cut down its use to twice weekly and then to once weekly and possibly even less often.
5.    DRICLOR may cause temporary irritation or redness. If this troubles you, stop using DRICLOR for a while, and if necessary consult your doctor.


For all questions contact the representative office of "GlaxoSmithKline" in Kazakhstan: 050059, Almaty, Furmanov street, 273, Tel: 8-727-2590996, 2590997, fax: 8-727-2582890.

Manufacturer:  Stiefel Laboratories (Ireland) Ltd., Finisklin Business Park, Sligo, Ireland.