Suren A. Stepanyan

My consultations
Surgeon (general)

Head of Department of Surgery N1, Yerevan State Medical University

Head of the Clinic of Surgery, Mikaelyan Institute of Surgery

Adviser of the MH RA for General Surgery

9 Hasratyan st., 0052, Yerevan, Armenia
+374 93 50 35 40
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Scientific Degree

Doctor of Medical Sciences, (MD, PhD)




Student of the medical faculty of Yerevan State Medical University
Resident at the Department of Surgical diseases 2 YSMU /head. Professor Apoyan T. V./


Specialization in laparoscopic surgery at the Department of Endoscopic surgery, National Institute of health, Yerevan, Armenia
Seminar on cardio-thoracic surgery, Salzburg, Austria
Training in general and laparoscopic surgery in Clinic of surgery of Heidelberg University, Germany
Training in Clinic of thoracic surgery of University of Vienna /AKH Hospital/, Austria
Attended a training course at Vienna University clinical hospital of Thoracic Surgery, (AKH hospital)
Training in Memmingen hospital /clinical hospital of the Ludwig-Maximilian University, Munich/, Bayern, Germany
Training in Institut of Surgery after A.V.Vishnevski, in department of surgery of liver and pancreas, Russia, Moscow.

Marital Status

Married, has 3 children.


Awarded medal “Mkhitar Heratci’’
Awarded “Gold medal’’ of Yerevan State Medical University.


Medical Practice

Since 2019
Head of the Clinic of Surgery, Mikaelyan Institute of Surgery
Since 2008
Head of the Department of surgery 1 of YSMU
Head of the Clinic of Surgery, RMC “Armenia”
Head of the Department of surgery I of the RMC “Armenia”
Associate professor of the Department of Surgical diseases 2 of YSMU
Assistant professor of the Department of Surgical diseases 2 of YSMU

Professional activity

● Performes abdominal and thoracic, open and endoscopic operations.
● In practice of the clinic introduced laparoscopic operations for acute adhesive small bowel obstruction, use of antiadhesive barriers for prevention of abdominal adhesive disease.
● In practice of the clinic introduced laparoscopic operations for perforated duodenal ulcer.
● In practice of the clinic introduced laparoscopic TEP operations for inguinal hernias with self-fixing Swing-Contact mesh.
● Performes open and laparoscopic operations for esophageal hiatal hernias, gastroesophageal reflux disease.
● Operations on bile ducts – laparoscopic procedures for gallstone disease, open operations for tumors of bile ducts, gallstone disease, reconstructions on bile ducts after operative complications.
● Operations for tumors and cysts of the liver.
● Operations for diseases of the pancreas – pancreatoduodenal resection /Whipple procedure/, pancreatodigestive anastomosis, left resection.
● Operations for hydatid cysts of various locations.
● Operations for diseases of thyroid gland, parathyroid glands, for diffuse toxic goiter, nodular goiter, thyreoiditis, tumors, adenomas of parathyreoid glands.
● Operations for diseases of adrenal glands, hormonal active tumors, incidentalomas.
● Operations for diseases of the esophagus, for diverticulas, achalasia, tumors, including replacement of the esophagus with stomach, colon, Luis procedure.
● Operations for peptic ulcer disease of stomach and duodenum, tumors of stomach, diseases of small intestine.
● Operations for abdominal hernias of various location and severity.
● Coloproctological procedures.

Scientific works

Phd thesis- “Pylorus preserving /sparing/ resections in the surgical treatment of gastric ulcer”
Doctoral thesis - “Some aspects of pathogenesis, prevention and treatment of adhesive disease of the abdomen”
The author of over 125 scientific papers and publications.
The editor of two volumes of the textbook “Surgical diseases” in Armenian language /edition 1999. and 2010/.
Co-author and editor of 12 textbooks “Surgical diseases” of YSMU /in Armenian, Russian and English languages/.
The author of three innovations in abdominal surgery.


Since 2016
Member of the European Society of Surgery /ESS/.
Since 2011
Member of the European Association for Endoscopic Surgery /EAES/.
Since 1995
Member of the Armenian Surgical Association.

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