Mamikon A. Yeghunyan

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Chief neurosurgeon of RA

Chairman of the Armenian Association of Neurosurgery

Honored doctor of RA

Head of Nervous and Neurosurgical Clinic of Medical Center "Erebouni"

14 Titogradyan Str., 0087, Yerevan, Armenia
+374 99 40 27 32
+374 10 47 33 40
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Scientific Degree





he graduated from YSMI, therapeutic faculty


He passed several improvements with the purpose of sharing of the experience of modern treatment technology in neurosurgery in Europe, Germany, France, Italy, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland
He was awarded with diplomas, certificates of honor of MH RA, Association of neurosurgeons
While working in Medical Center 2 candidate’s theses were defended under his scientific leadership
The most complicated neurosurgical operations on removal of brain and spinal cord tumors, operations while craniocerebral and vertebral injuries, reconstructive operations, endoscopic and microsurgical operations of hernias of intervertebral disks were carried out under his leadership
He is the full member of the World and European Association of Neurosurgeons, he is a Nansen Prize Winner


Medical Practice

Since 1980
he worked as a neurosurgeon in the first aid hospital in Odessa, Ukr. SSR
Since 1987
the Institute of Neurosurgery, Kiev, where in he defended the thesis on “Early postoperative complication after the ablation of the acute intracranial hematoma” for a degree of a candidate of Medical Sciences
he was the head of neurosurgical department in Gyumri, where he founded neurosurgery.
he defended thesis on “Serious craniocerebral injury at children of different age-groups” for a degree of a doctor of Medical Sciences, Kiev, Ukraine. Since 1988 up to present he is heading clinics of neurosurgery and neurology in MC “Erebouni”
At present he is a professor of the chair of neurosurgery of YSMI after M. Heratsi

Scientific works

He is the author of over 50 scientific works, a monograph on “Critical Craniocerebral Injury at Children” which became a textbook for young generation of neurosurgeons


Member of European and World Neurosurgical Association

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