Our A.A.C. SLAVMED PROMOITALIA clinic can offer you the ‘bullhorn lift’, also known as the subnasal lip lift, which is a surgical alternative to lip augmentation with dermal fillers. To achieve the same effect with dermal fillers often leads to over-filling the lips, whereas the bullhorn lift delivers more natural-looking, permanent results. Will make a very fine incision at the base of the nose, curving around the nostrils in the shape of a bull’s horn which gives the procedure its name. By removing and lifting a small amount of tissue under the nose, the lips are lifted and slightly turned out, appearing more youthful and fuller. The bullhorn lift is an excellent procedure for those that have a too long philtrum, the area between the bottom of the nose and the edge of the lip.

This may have always been a concern, but it can also become more noticeable over time as our facial tissues begin to sag. The surgical lip lift is also a very effective procedure if the vermillion border itself is very flat or the upper lip appears thinner than is desired. If you would like to talk to us about this procedure, call our clinic today for Free Consulting appointment.

Dr.Fouad Reda Aesthetic Surgeon A.A.C.SlavMed Promoitalia Armenia.