On June 2nd of this year was given birth to the Breathing Walls project.

For the first time the project was realized in "Nork" Republican Clinical hospital of Infectious diseases.

As a result of the organized fund raising 72 000 drams were collected (the budget), and dressing up 6 unattractive walls with illustrations of animated heroes, having inhaled in them life became possible.

The goal of the action is to create the healthy and bright environment for children who are treated here to provide their smile.

Other medical institutions will be involved in the project as well. The action will have a long character.

We express our gratitude to students of the Yerevan State Art Academy – Najaryan Inesse, Aramanukyan Ani, Pogosyan Marianna, Karapetyan Hayk, Erkanyan Gayane, Hayrapetyan Alvard, Sahakyan Aram, which gave a new life to hospital walls with their love and warmth and their talent.

Thanks to those who participated in fund raising, in the name of

"Im Dayak" organization,
Doctors.am healthcare portal
“Yerevan Home Care” organization,
Zaven Koloyan,
Lydia Ayvazyan,
Satenik Grigoryan,
Gurgen Hayryan,
Knarik Sargsyan,
Arevik Udumyan,
Michael Petrosyan.

Dear visitor! Your small investment can play a very important part in a big business.

To receive information on the following fund raising and to participate in it, you can visit Doctors.am company office (Bagramyan St., 1st Deadlock, 2, the 2nd floor) or to call by phone (+374 99) 042 604,(+374 94) 423 678.

You can see the illustrated walls of "Nork" Republican Clinical hospital of Infectious diseases below.