Five tips for beautiful, young skin excerpted from Ooh la la! Perfect Face.

Ice, ice, baby. If your skin is screaming, "I'm sensitive," "I'm chapped,"or "I'm irritated," here is the perfect cure. Make a pot of chamomile tea. Cool and pour into an ice cube tray. Take out a frozen cube, wrap in cotton gauze, and rub gently around the face for five minutes. Then take a cotton ball soaked in milk and press over the entire facial area for five minutes. The skin will be calm and de-stressed. This treatment is also excellent for postwaxing sensitivities.

To mask a blemish quickly, mix a drop of witch hazel and a bit of your foundation together. This will turn any foundation into a medicated one. Witch hazel contains anti-bacterial properties to help prevent the spread of bacteria, as well as soothing ingredients that will aid in healing. For best results apply with a clean makeup sponge, and be sure to dab a little extra on the blemish.

Caught on tape 
If you suspect your skin care regime is missing the mark, take the tape test. On a day when you are makeup free, after having your moisturizer on for at least two hours, put a small strip of adhesive tape on the areas of the face near the jawbone and lower cheek area and gently lift it off. If the tape surface is full of your face surface, such as dry skin cells and debris, find another kind of moisturizer-pronto!

Not always as nature intended 
Just because a product says it is natural does not mean it is good for us. Poison ivy is natural, but you would never think of putting it on your skin or brewing it for your afternoon tea. Chemicals can help products last longer, keep them bacteria free, and aid in further penetration of "natural" ingredients. The best products are a blend of science and nature, working in perfect harmony.

Sum things up 
How we age is dependent upon two factors: lifestyle and genes. While you can't change your parents, you can change your lifestyle. Take a look at some "age adders" and do the math.

  • Big city living: add five years to your age. Big cities have more vehicles and places for dirt and grime to hide. Be sure to compensate by using creams with more antioxidants in them. Adjust your supplements to reflect higher amounts of antioxidants as well.
  • Crash dieting: add ten years. Most of us have done it, but to keep doing it is the surest way to have skin that stretches and sags. Stick to a sensible eating plan.
  • Sunbathing and tanning beds: add 20 years to your age. The UVA and UVB damage is something that cannot be repaired-period.
  • Smoking: add 20-plus years to your age-your life, however, will be tragically cut short. Don't do it.