If you are unhappy with the shape or proportion of your legs, if your height causes you psychological discomfort, or if some other related condition makes you feel incomplete as a person, perhaps our services may provide a solution.  The decision to alter your legs for esthetic reasons is a serious one.  Surgical techniques, duration of the procedure and rehabilitation, and medical and accommodation costs, as well as the setting of realistic goals, must be taken into consideration.  We urge you to become well informed about the possibilities and details of esthetic surgery as you make your decision.

In the 20th century, Gavril Ilizarov invented a method of distraction osteogenesis  and proved scientifically that tissues can grow under  tension.  Today his method is known worldwide, and is used to solve many orthopedic problems.  Esthetic leg lengthening is similar to the Ilizarov reconstructive method, but there are certain technical and psychological differences. These are discussed on this site.

Various medical centers in several countries perform esthetic leg lengthening. They offer different techniques and services, from the classical Ilizarov method to the use of  high-tech intramedullary telescopic rods that can grow automatically.  All methods have advantages and disadvantages. To minimize the chance of complication, we perform the most reliable method, even if not necessarily the most comfortable, the modified Ilizarov technique to correct leg shape and length.

We have treated patients from various countries, and our rate of success is very high.  Our reputation is known, and is very important to us.  Our website will give you many answers to the questions you need to ask as you make a decision about treatment.  If you need more information than you find here, you are welcome to ask us any time.  We will help you make the right decision.