A 44-year-old man from China checked into Yongkang hospital after suffering from stomach pains and blood in his urine. He later found out that he is intersex and was starting to menstruate.

According to RawStory, the man, named Chen, received a CAT scan, which revealed that he has female reproductive organs. Genetic tests were also run and they revealed that he did not have XY chromosomes. Instead he had XX sex chromosomes, which means that he is genetically female.

According to IBITimes, Chen, who has been married for 10 years, has ovaries and a uterus. A doctor at the hospital said that Chen had short hair and he was wearing men's clothing, and they did not realize that he was a female at first. Doctors performed a physical examination and they found out that Chen did not posses male characteristics, such as facial hair, an Adam's apple or what is considered normal male genitalia.

According to Global Times, doctors also discovered a benign adrenal tumor, which was causing him discomfort. They were able to remove the tumor.

Chen's condition was caused by adrenogenital syndrome, which is a disorder that affects gender characteristics and the development of genitals. Doctors said the syndrome can be treated, if it is detected early enough.

Chen told the doctors that he has not had any problems when it comes to performing sexually.

Chen lived with the condition his entire life, and it went undiagnosed. Eventually the hormone imbalance contributed to the tumor.