Yerevan Home Care

1 Baghramyan impasse 2, 2nd Floor, Yerevan, Armenia
+374 10 546 546

The organization’s main goal is to provide the patients with home care and nursing home services within the area. The organization aims to serve individuals who need medical care at home.
The organization’s mission is to provide with compassion and caring help in terms of household to elder, disabled, suffering from chronic disease people as well as postoperative care to persons in need.The organization’s aim is to maintain their quality of life and independence, while helping other family members to manage their free time at home, workplace or educational institution as well as to help representatives of different generations have harmonious life together.
The organization’s greatest wealth is educated, professional, skilled, experienced staff and people with high values. The professional trainings and years of experience armed the personnel with the necessary knowledge and skills.
The principle of our work is individual approach to each patient, at the same time maintaining the accepted norms and using contemporary approaches.
Apart from the professional knowledge the company pays a great attention to the humanitarianqualities of the serving staff, to their kindness, patience, attention and courteous manner.

It is well known that the patient\'s recovery is much faster and the old feel more comfortable at their home. Yerevan Home Care will provide you with help for your loved one at your own home.