SAH Dental Clinic

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The guiding idea
Whom to trust - "the all-knowing" doctor or the subspecialists?

In case of heart, skin, stomach or other diseases, we as a rule prefer the corresponding subspecialist to the "all-knowing" doctor, because the subspecialist s advantage is evident (has more professional approach). For this reason unlike the model of "all-knowing" doctor who carries out general reception, at SAH dental clinics work is divided between subspecialists. They work in three rooms with equipment corresponding to subspecialist branches.

Thus the SAH Dental Clinic focuses on: Subspecialists.
Medical fields and technologies
Teeth whitening (Hygiene)
Restoration (tooth) filling)
Surgery (Endodontia)
Orthopedics (Teeth Restoration)
Khachatryan Sergey
Head doctor

Karapetyan Rafayel A.
Doctor – Stomatologist, surgeon - endodont, implantologist

Samsonyan Armine R.
Doctor – Stomatologist , Orthopedist

Petrosyan Karen B.
Doctor – Stomatologist, Orthopedist

Hakobyan Astxik Z.
Doctor – Stomatologist, restoration specialist – hygienist.

Khachatryan Armen A.
Doctor – Stomatologist, Orthopedist