"Helios" Medical Center

11/2 Sayat-Nova ave, 0001, Yerevan, Armenia
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In 2007 "Helios" Medical Center opened its hospitable doors to the public. The center offers high-quality medical services in accordance with the international standards.The high-quality cosmetology consultations and treatments carried out here are accompanied by injection, manual and hardware methods, complement each other, providing excellent aesthetic-restorative results. We would also like to mention that the cocktail of your youth and beauty is made by us.
Some aesthetic problems require a complex approach, that is why a team of specialists has been formed in the center, and a diagnostic laboratory is functioning here. 
To ensure the international level of aesthetic medicine and cosmetology in Armenia, in 2012 "Helios" Medical Center" was recognized as the best and was awarded the nomination "Medical Institution of the Year".
Professional specialists, modern technologies, high-quality service - this is the description of "Helios" Medical Center.


Helen Ghazar Azaryan


Tamara Azat Gevorgyan

Executive director

Tamara Azat Gevorgyan


Aesthetic Medicine

  • Botox,
  • Volumetric contour plastic,
  • PLEXER non-surgical correction of eyelids,
  • Plasmotherapy (PRP),
  • Mesotherapy,
  • Biorevitalization,
  • Dermapen,
  • Phototherapy,
  • CO2 laser polishing,
  • Laser tattoo removal,
  • Skin care,
  • Hydrocare,
  • Acne treatment,
  • Skin Peeling,
  • Medical hand care,
  • Manicure/pedicure,
  • Hair removal (diode laser/electroepilation),
  • Ear piercing.


  • Massage,
  • Body modeling,
  • Hydrotherapy,
  • Peelings,
  • Body wrapping,
  • SPA packages,
  • Wedding SPA packages,
  • ECO SPA,
  • SPA manicure / pedicure,
  • Zhigun,
  • SPA etiquette.

"Helios" Medical Center offers multi-profile medical services. You will be welcomed by highly qualified specialists with extensive work experience: dermatologist, trichologist, gynecologist, therapist, endocrinologist, sexopathologist, sonographer, neurologist, cardiologist.

Ultrasound examination at "Helios" Medical Center is performed by means of modern ALPIO (Japan) 3D ultrasound device. It has a color doppler capability, it also has a vaginal sensor that allows to examine the organs of the minor pelvis.


Diagnostic laboratory

Clinical examinations:

  • Spermogram,
  • Smear examination,
  • Biochemical examinations,
  • Serological examinations,
  • Immunological examinations,
  • Hormone examinations,
  • Determination of infections,
  • Determination of tumor markers,
  • Coagulogram.