City Spa Medical Aesthetic Center

5 Vardanants str., entrance 3, apartment 28 (Near Sakharov Square), Yerevan, Armenia
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City Spa is rejuvenating center has 18 years' history and specialized experience in Armenia, offering visitors (both women and men) many other services in the field of rejuvenation, slimming, aesthetic medicine.

The clinic uses high-quality medicines and equipment from the most famous manufacturers. The specialists-doctors of the center are regularly trained in Europe.

City Spa Center offers the following services:

• Facial care with Zein Obagi, Glotherapeutics professional medical materials
• Microdermabrasion (skin smoothing)
• Mesotherapy
• Plasmolifting
• Peelings
• Correction of facial wrinkles with botulinum toxin type A remedies
• Correction of face oval and lips
• Skin rejuvenation without surgery
• Laser skin treatment (SmartXide, Elos Skin Rejuvenation)
• Skin lifting and rosacea treatment (skin rejuvenation with Elos technology)
• Treatment of skin problems with dermarollers
• Cryotherapy - freezing treatment (using the latest CoolTech Cocoon Medical device)
• Treatment of dry, sensitive, oily (acne) and problematic skin
• Removal of neoplasms, moles, warts
• Treatment of hyperhidrosis - excessive sweating
• Hair removal with the most effective, painless and safe Primelase device
• Weight loss, body correction and cellulite treatment
• Consultation on proper nutrition
• Massages: relaxing, physiotherapeutic, anti-cellulite, therapeutic
• Spa care for hands

The "PromoItalia" device serves for the weight loss and complete elimination of cellulite. It works by means of mechanical vibrations, at the same time training the muscles, which helps to make the structure more agile. This device is used to strengthen and form the muscular system, blood circulation and restoring the balance of detoxication systems.

To get the most noticeable result in the fatty areas at City spa they perform another new procedure - Cooltech. The principle of this procedure is as follows: the skin with adipose tissue is stretched in a specific area by means of a vacuum, it is frozen down to -8 degrees for 70 minutes. After the procedure, adipocytes of the tissue simply can not exist. One Cooltech procedure eliminates fat by 30-40%. That is, at the moment, this is an alternative to surgery, liposuction, without postoperative problems or inconveniences.

New life system (Venus Technologies Ltd., Israel) New life offers a wide range of procedures (80 programs) which includes body sculpturing, face and body lifting, skin Rejuvenation, acne treatment, improvement of breasts and buttocks appearance, lymph drainages, spot massage. All this procedures are performed true myostimulation.

The "eMax" hair removal device has different nozzles for different procedures. By applying them, a number of goals can be achieved: skin tightening, rejuvenation, treatment of superficial capillaries of the body, face, legs, vessels, etc.

PrimeLase is one of the newest and most modern devices in City Spa. Due to this latest generation device, hair removal is carried out with great efficiency and absolutely painless. Due to the dynamic mode, the procedure is performed very quickly. It is possible to get rid of unwanted hair in minutes. PrimeLase affects all types of hair, regardless of hair color or thickness.

Our center uses a novelty - fractional photothermolysis using the latest generation Smart Xide Dot lasers. This device was created by the Italian company Deka, the most famous manufacturer of laser equipment in Europe. It is intended for the rapid and gradual removal of neoplasms, pimples, fat neoplasms, skin spots, tattoos, as well as for rejuvenation.



Anahit L. Arzumanyan


City Spa Medical Aesthetic Center
City Spa Medical Aesthetic Center
City Spa Medical Aesthetic Center
City Spa Medical Aesthetic Center
City Spa Medical Aesthetic Center
City Spa Medical Aesthetic Center
City Spa Medical Aesthetic Center
City Spa Medical Aesthetic Center
City Spa Medical Aesthetic Center
City Spa Medical Aesthetic Center
City Spa Medical Aesthetic Center
City Spa Medical Aesthetic Center
City Spa Medical Aesthetic Center
City Spa Medical Aesthetic Center
Facial skin care
  • Consultation of dermatologist-cosmetologist, face diagnosing and scanning
  • Treatment of problematic skin (acne, pigmentation, rosacea) 
  • Scars, post-acne treatment 
  • Removal of skin neoplasms (wart, papilloma, mole) 
  • Facial cleansing, peelings
  • Skin micro-needle therapy (derma rollers) 
  • Skin crystals smoothing (microdermabrasion) 

Body sculpturing and treatment of cellulite

  • PromoItalia device (Proellixe vibrations) 
  • VelaShape complex - for correction of body shape and treatment of cellulite 
  • New Life device - correction of body shape, point massage, lympho-drainage
  • Body mesotherapy 
  • Cooltech - for fat layer removal, body correction

Correction of skin aging results

  • Correction of mimic wrinkles with type A botulotoxin
  • Mesotherapy: with hyaluronic acid injections or without injections (Dermarollers, Infusion)
  • Contour plastics (correction of face oval and face shape) 
  • Lip volume and shape changes
  • Face lifting (eMax, SmartXide, New Life)
  • Peelings 
  • Spider vein treatment (Elos, SmartXide) 
  • Hand care

Hair removal

  • Elos hair removal (eMax) 
  • Laser hair removal (Comet) 
  • Bio hair removal
  • Primelase hair removal

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Working hours

Monday-Saturday 10:00-20:00