"Fertility Center" is conviniently located in the heart of Yerevan, on the Abovyan street (34/3), in 5 min walking distance to the subway "Eritasardakan"  or major hotels such as "Golden Tulip", "TransAvia" etc.We share the location with another well known medical establishment  "Center for Medical Genetics and Primary Healthcare". Our teamwork allowed us to expand our possibilities both in the diagnosis of infertility and in the of prevention of genetic deseases, and ultimately to achieve higher standards in the treatemnt of infertile couples.






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The video of TV Programm "Aroghjutyan banadzev" about our Fertility Center.

The TV programm "Orva deghatoms" is our guest





Infertility in Armenia





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Aprir aroghj, Ruzanna Chzmachyan



Aprir aroghj, Armine Toumanyan



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