Zaruhi Tavadyan

My consultations

Assistant professor, Department of Neurology and Neurosurgery, Armenian National

Institute of Health

Head of "Armenian Movement Disorder Group" NGO

Neurologist, Head of the Center for Parkinson’s disease and other Movement Disorders, “Somnus” Neurology Clinic

Neurologist, Deep Brain Stimulation Service, “Arabkir” Medical Center

14 Titogradyan str., 6-th floor, 0087, Yerevan, Armenia
30 Mamikonyants str., 0014, Yerevan, Armenia
+374 96 51 96 41
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Parkinson and Movement Disorders Society-European Section’s School on Neuromodulation (Deep Brain Stimulation), Torres Vedras, Portugal
Deep Brain Stimulation patient selection and programming course, SZTE Neurosurgery Clinic, Szeged, Hungary
European Huntington Disease Network / Parkinson and Movement Disorders Society Fellowship, The Barberry National Mental Health Center, Birmingham, UK
Innsbruck University Hospital, Department of Neurology / Movement Disorders Clinic, Innsbruck, Austria
Bern University Hospital, Movement Disorders Clinic, InselSpital, Bern, Switzerland


[Adaptation and validation of the Armenian version of Mini-Mental State Examination (MMSE) cognitive function assessment scale.] Isayan M.A., Hovakimyan H.A., Vardanyan L.V., Khachatryan S.G., Tavadyan Z.D. Armenian Journal of Health & Medical Sciences 2021;1(2):27-34
Wilson’s disease: a case report and brief review of the literature.Tavadyan Z.D., Khachatryan S.G. Armenian Journal of Health & Medical Sciences 2021;1(2):12-16
Lack of Accredited Clinical Training in Movement Disorders in Europe, Egypt, and Tunisia. Tamás G, Fabbri M, Falup-Pecurariu C, Teodoro T, Kurtis MM, Aliyev R, Bonello M, Brozova H, Coelho MS, Contarino MF, Corvol JC, Dietrichs E, Ben Djebara M, Elmgreen SB, Groppa S, Kadastik-Eerme L, Khatiashvili I, Kostić V, Krismer F, Hassan Mansour A, Odin P, Gavriliuc O, Olszewska DA, Relja M, Scheperjans F, Skorvanek M, Smilowska K, Taba P, Tavadyan Z, Valante R, Vujovic B, Waldvogel D, Yalcin-Cakmakli G, Chitnis S, Ferreira JJ. J Parkinsons Dis. 2020;10(4):1833-1843. doi: 10.3233/JPD-202000.
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Немоторные проявления болезни Паркинсона. З. Д. Тавадян Г. О. Бакунц. Журнал неврологии и психиатрии им. С.С. Корсакова 2014; 5: 81-85
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Факторы, определяющие качество жизни при болезни Паркинсона. З.Д. Тавадян. Вопросы теоретической и клинической медицины 2013. 16(6):3-7

Scientific works

Thesis "Relationship of quality of life with motor and non-motor symptoms of Parkinson's disease "


Professional areas

  • Parkinson’s disease
  • Atypical parkinsonian syndromes: Multiple System Atrophy, Progressive Supranuclear Palsy, Cortical Basal Degeneration, Dementia with Lewy Bodies
  • Deep Brain Stimulation, presurgical evaluation for patients with Parkinson’s disease, Essential tremor and Dystonia
  • Deep Brain Stimulation, postsurgical programming and follow-up for patients with Parkinson’s disease, Essential tremor and Dystonia Essential tremor and other tremors
  • Huntington’s disease and other choreas
  • Ataxia, spinocerebellar ataxias
  • Tics, Tourette syndrome
  • Dystonia

  • Myoclonus

  • Botulinum toxin therapy

     - Blepharospasm

    - Hemifacial spasm

    - Hemimasticatory spasm

    - Cervical dystonia

    - Headache

    - Hyperhydrosis

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