Hrachya G. Harutyunyan

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"Nairi" MC, "NAIRI-COXA" clinic, traumatologist-orthopedist

"Erebuni" MC, traumatologist-orthopedist

21 Paronyan st., Yerevan, 0015, Armenia
14 Titogradyan str., 0087, Yerevan, Armenia
+374 94 21 46 24
+374 10 47 35 72
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Yerevan State Medical University after Mkhitar Heratsi
Yerevan State Medical University, Clinical Residency in Traumatology and Orthopedics


Professional activity

Performs a number of exceptional operations, maximally investing the world's achievements in the field of endoprosthetics in Armenia.
The main directions are:
✅ Endoprosthetics of large joints: knee joint, hip joint
✅ Revision endoprosthesis: replacement of outdated, damaged prostheses
Arthroscopy Corrective osteotomies: correction of deformed bones and limbs
✅LIPOGEMS® is an exclusive application of advanced technology. This technology manipulates and uses the patient's body fat tissue to soften and heal damaged areas. This innovative technology makes it possible to obtain stem cells from fat. This intervention is performed under local anesthesia. Typically, this technology is used to treat large joints such as the hip or knee.

Military Service, MD RA, doctor
Since 2001
"Erebuni" MC, traumatologist-orthopedist
Since 2016
"Nairi" MC, "NAIRI-COXA" clinic, traumatologist-orthopedist

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