Anna G. Tadevosyan

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Head of Medical Center "Hormon"

66 Charents str., 0010, Yerevan, Armenia
+374 10 55 24 60
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Scientific Degree



Yerevan State Medical University


Annually participationon international and all-Russiancongresses devoted to the problems of gynecological endokrinalogy, menopause and andropause, outpatient service in obstetrics and gynecology, male and female infertility, assisted reproductive technology.

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Professional activity

Deals with problems of gynecological endokrinalogy: treatment of different causes of menstrual irregularities in all age groups, diagnosis and treatment of infertility, the problems of menopause and postmenopause.

Scientific works

Correction of psychovegetative disorders in women with climacteric syndrome in postmenopause periods. The work was done on the basis of distancing gynecological endokrinalogy FSI Obstetrics, and Ginekalogy Perinotology of R.A.M.S. Moscow.
"The degree of severity of menopausal symptoms and quality of life of women in the age group of 40-60 years living in Yerevan and in the cities suffered by the earthquake (Vanadzor, Gyumri) and in the war zone (Stepanakert). The work was done on the basis of Medical Center "Hormon".Study included 800 women

Social activity

Annual holdind of the "Open Doors" which include examination and provision of medicines free of charge for women in menopause.
Regular conduct informational "Schools" for females after age 40.

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