8 point face lift is a recent treatment based on a non-surgical and minimally invasive manner that aims for rejuvenating, reshaping, defining and lifting the facial appearance. This treatment is performed with the help of SkinFill filler. 

SkinFill Plus Diamond filler comprises of Hyaluronic acid 3rd Generation that is naturally found in human bodies. It helps in keeping the skin hydrated by absorbing moisture. The amount of hyaluronic acid may decrease as we age which leads to appearance of lines, sagginess and loss of volume in the skin.

8 Points

These 8 points of the face are treated in this treatment which great impact your facial appearance. It’s always better to understand the details of the treatment before the decision. These 8 points are significant areas which are targeted in this treatment for improving the contours and lifting the face. 

Cheek bone

Your cheeks may lose volume and the projected support from the bone with the ageing process. A SkinFill Plus filler can add volume to these two points which eliminates the hollow and droopy appearance of the cheeks. It also adds a little volume to the area beneath the eye to remove the tiring and hollow appearance of eye sockets. 

Mid face 

Hollowness in the mid of the face that occurs due to loss of fat or volume can make you look old, dull and undesirable. A smoother and softer SkinFill filler can add volume to this area making your eyes more prominent. 

Nasolabial Folds 

Nasolabial folds are also known as smile lines that appear adjacent to the nose. These folds become deeper as we age, SkinFill Plus filler helps in adding volume to this area. Marionette lines Marionette lines may appear around the corners of the mouth that can make your expressions as angry, sad or dull. SkinFill filler can help in removing these lines to make your smile a perfect one. 

Pre jowl area 

The shape of your jaws, cheeks and chin is what makes your jowls attractive. Loss of volume in these areas can make your jowls weak which make you look older than your age. SkinFill Plus can be used to add volume to these areas which enhances the appearance of your jowls. 


We may experience a loss of projection and angle of our jaws which is a support for lower face. Weaker jaws that lack volume lead to sagging jowls. A small amount of filler can add volume and lift this area. 

Lower cheek

Loss of volume in the area below the cheeks cause the appearance of facial folds which makes you look more aged and unattractive. SkinFill filler can add volume to this region and improve the definition of the cheeks simultaneously.

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