Department of Thoracic and Pulmonary surgery, MC M

9 Ezras Hasratyan str., 0052, Yerevan, Armenia
+374 10 28 40 72
+374 91 50 59 61
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The department was founded in October 22 2012


Начальник отдела

Armen G. Kocharyan


Department of Thoracic and Pulmonary surgery, MC M
Department of Thoracic and Pulmonary surgery, MC M

The department provides following services:

Lung and pleural pathologies, diseases of mediastinum, trachea, mammary gland that require surgical treatment.

Instrumental examination:

  • X-ray -Thoracoscopy with biopsy (if required)
  • Fibrobronchoscopy with biopsy (if required)
  • Growths of lungs, pleura, mediastinum, chest, mammary gland

Surgery: pulmonotomy or pumonectomy, pleurectomy, removal of the tumor from mediastinum, partial or radical removal of mammary gland due to benign or malignant tumor.

Surgery: radical removal of the tumor

Purulent diseases of lung and pleura

Surgery: segmental resection, lobectomy, pleurectomy with decortication

Pulmonary echinococcosis

Surgery: incision of echinoccocus, resection

Surgical treatment of recurrent spontaneous pneumothorax

Surgery: resection, pleurodesis

Surgical treatment of congenital pulmonary defects (pulmonary cysts), congenital bronchiectasis, sequestrations, arteriovenous aneurisms radical surgery

Surgical treatment of destructive forms of tuberculosis

Surgery: cavotomy, pneumoplasty, removal of the affected lung

Also reconstruction of the residual cavity by muscle flap on a vascular pedicle (with or without bronchial fistula)