Panacea + Stomatological clinic

4а Baghramyan 5 st., Yerevan, Armenia
(+374 10) 589 726
(+374 10) 519 726
Cooperation with clinic begins with a reception. Here you will be met by the careful manager, who will specify reception time, or will pick up time convenient to you for visit to the doctor.
Our clinic is equipped by stomatological armchairs of Spanish company and relative stomatological tools and materials.
Sterilization room
We care of your safety in the course of treatment, therefore the sterilising room is equipped by the advanced technics - the modern autoclave, special devices for closing of tools, ultrasonic processing.

Our experts, the certificated stomatologists, constantly improve the professional skills, regularly pass the most advanced courses of improvement of qualification on stomatology, and in particular on children\'s stomatology abroad.
In clinic following services are rendered:

- Children\'s stomatology,
- Surgical stomatology,
- Orthopedic stomatology,
- Orthodontic stomatology,
- Therapeutic stomatology.

Not only separately children and adult are attending our clinic, but also the whole families. During our dynamical time when each second is on the account, family stomatology becomes the best solution for maintenance of health of teeth of all family.

Children\'s stomatology

In our clinic a great attention is paid to children\'s stomatology. Our purpose is to help the child trust the stomatologist. We give special attention to children with accompanying general diseases, and also those who have received a psychological trauma and negative experience from the previous visit to the stomatologist. In this area our children\'s stomatologists store unique experience.

It’s important to visit the children\'s stomatologist expediently each 4-6 months even if the child does not have any complaints. It is necessary because caries, especially in milk teeth, progresses quickly and in short terms results in pyoinflammatory complications. Possibility of occurrence of caries can be reduced to a minimum, by fluorination of tooth surfaces which is exercised in our clinic. Each 6 months we invite our small patients on fluorination.

Surgical stomatology

Our doctors will help you to solve problems connected with scale removal, removal of teeth without serious consequences and will make healing process fast as much as possible.

Orthopedic stomatology

In our clinic also perform works on prosthetics of teeth, including artificial limbs from cermet, clasp dental prosthesis; demountable artificial limbs and many other things.

Orthodontic stomatology

Doctor-ortodont can consult and offer you a correction of a bite. The wrong bite is an actual problem for adults and children. The stomatologic clinic \"Panacea +\" guarantees correction of bite at any age. Modern aesthetic breket-system allows conducting correction without serious consequences.

Therapeutic stomatology

Doctors of our clinic will help you to rescue, apparently, hopelessly decayed teeth.

Prophylaxis and aesthetic stomatology

Our doctors with confidence declare that the healthiest teeth and gum are at those patients who do not forget pass in half a year a routine inspection. Routine inspection gives the chance to reveal diseases at the earliest stage and to warn its further development.

Hygiene and bleaching of a teeth

The control over occurrence of tooth touch and tooth complications, and also timely struggle against them are an integral part of the prevention of caries and disease of gums. Our doctors will carefully and competently remove dental calculus. We will offer you removal over- and subgingiva adjournment by ultrasound, including the subsequent polishing by paste.
Working hours
Monday-Friday, 9:00-19:00
Saturday-Sunday, 11:00-16:00