"Pavl-Med" Mental Health Center

5/7 Andranik st., Yerevan, Armeia
+374 60 90 09 09

"Pavl-Med" Mental Health Center was founded in 2019. It provides psychiatric, psychotherapeutic and psychological services in both outpatient and inpatient settings. The center employs highly qualified specialists, it is equipped with a high-quality arsenal of drugs. The center also carries out forensic psychiatric examination.

The constant warm and pleasant atmosphere of "Pavl-Med" Mental Health Center will ensure your smile and well-being in our center, while caring and knowledgeable specialists will take care of your health.


Gohar Grigoryan


Ani Hovhannisyan


Outpatient Psychiatric Services

  • Psychiatrist consultation
  • Psychotherapist consultation
  • Psychiatrist / psychotherapist consultation at home
  • Mental health examination or a mental health certificate
  • Forensic psychiatric examination

Inpatient Psychiatric Service

  • Inpatient treatment
  • Studies to clarify the diagnosis

Mental Health Services in Inpatient Day Care

  • Inpatient day care
  • Monitoring for a mental health certificate

As well as psychological service

Ani G. Hovhannisyan