"NOR HATATSQ" Ophthalmologic Clinic

131/5 Sarkavag st., Yerevan, 0091, Armenia
+374 11 210 220

The clinic operates from December 5, 2017. It provides adult and children's ophthalmologic services. optic service is available at "Nor Hayatsq" clinic.

All examinations are carried out in one large general examination room equipped with modern and high-quality devices, which ensures the patient's safety and time saving.


Mkrtich Maruqyan


Nor Hayatsq Ophthalmologic Clinic solves complicated correction problems by contact and optic lenses. Service is performed by ophthalmologist Ruzanna Melikyan.

Selection of lenses with newest methods, both for patients with cataracts and for refractive purposes.

Operations are performed by micro-surgeon Gevorg Baraghamyan. After surgery the patient is under ambulatory care (without stationary treatment).

Mkrtich Maruqyan


Ruzanna S. Meliqyan