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The Establishment of AAWC
Since 1997, an extraordinary revolution of breast screening has taken place in Armenia. With the efforts of the American benefactress Rita Balian and the Deputy of the National Assembly Hranush Hakobyan the Armenian-American Mammography University Center was established, which, in 2002, was reconstructed as “Armenian American Wellness Center” Foundation.

The mission of AAWC is to save, prolong and improve the lives of women through early and accurate detection of their breast and cervical cancer and to provide primary health care services to ensure the good health and well-being of families in Armenia Armenian-American Wellness Center has the following departments: Radiology, Gynecology, Urology, Family Medicine, Bone Densitometry and Laboratory. AAWC has a Satellite Clinic in the town of Gavar established in July 2003.

During 14 years of AAWC’s activity about 233.571 visitors have been screened at the center, 137.437 of which have passed breast screening. Breast cancer has been revealed among 6.500 patients. Due to annual checking, the number of survivors isn’t small, about 2.800 women. This means, that in AAWC, the disease that can endanger women’s life and charm, has been cured in time, causing rapture their families.

Diagnosis and treatment of infertility is available at AAWC. Here, close to 89 women, struggled with infertility, were able to conceive through treatment and today AAWC has 89 “Mirical” babies.

AAWC expands radiology services at the Center in the sphere of diagnosing malignant tumors of other organs, provides urology service and initiates prostate cancer screening. Since September 10, 2011, 86 visitors have been examined at the Urology department.

To date, AAWC has conducted 193 Monthly Medical Outreach Missions in 79 remote towns and villages of Armenia, and two in Artsakh, providing 11 881patients with 13 833 Primary Health Care services including breast and cervical screenings - all free-of-charge.
The Prospects of AAWC
The services provided by the center expanded day by day. the six-story building of AAWC was constructed with the help of the RA Government, USAID and American benefactors, and became a modern diagnostic center. The author of the architectural-constructional project of the building is Vardges Balian.

Almost all doctors of AAWC had been trained at the leading medical centers of the USA and Europe. Medical personnel from the USA visit the center on an annual basis organize examinations and introduce new medical achievements and innovations.

AAWC serves as a Teaching Center for the YSMU 1st and 2nd year medical students teaching general breast health and mammography screening and provides a six-month residency program for radiology graduates of NIH of Armenia. AAWC has become educational, information providing and exchange center. Yearly about 150.000 booklets are being disseminated among the population, as well as roundtable discussions, international seminars, scientific conferences and other events are being organized.

In the near future AAWC is planning to establish psychological service, as well as to establish surgery, where small scale surgeries will be carried out and post-surgical rehabilitation service will be provided. The center is fully equipped with modern equipments and supplies.
In AA WC the following services are being performed:

- Mammography (breast X-Ray)
- Breast ultrasound examination
- Inner organ’s ultrasound examination
- Thyroid gland ultrasound examination
- Soft tissues ultrasound examination
- Breast Wire-Needle Localization
- Breast Fine Needle Aspiration for cytological examination
- Breast Biopsy for further cytological examination
- Breast Biopsy for further histological examination
- Breast Pneumo-cystography
- Breast Galactography
Breast Cyst Aspiration


- Consultation
- Early diagnosis, prevention and treatment of precancerous diseases of cervix
- Pap-smear cytological examination
- Colposcopy
- Leep – Loop Electro-excision procedure of uterus cervix
- Diagnostics and treatment of gynecological diseases
- Transabdominal and Transvaginal Sonography
- Endometrial Biopsy for further cytological examination
- Medical manipulations
- Test for pregnancy
- Diagnosis and treatment of infertility
- Post-Coital test
- Histerosalpingo sonography
- STI diagnosis and treatment
- Women follow up in menopause period


- Consultation
- Prostate Biopsy for further histological examination


- Cytological examination (cytology)
- General Blood analysis
- Sperm analysis
- Post-Coital test
- Fine Needle Aspiration (cytological examination)

Family Medicine

- Urine general examination
- General cholesterol detection
- Determination of Glucose level in blood
- Electrocardiography
- Examination of cardiovascular, respiratory, gastrointestinal, urogenital organ systems, as well as diagnosis and treatment of endocrinological, neurological, infectious, ENT (ear, nose, throat), rheumatological, systemic and dermatological diseases

Bone Densitometry

- Determination of bone density.
- Each female has to pass Bone Densitometry during and after menopause to avoid bone fractures and pain.

Dear all, remember that it is always easier to prevent the disease than to treat it: take care of your health.
You may have an active role not only in taking care of your health but also of your family’s health.
Be healthy. It mainly depends on you. Annually being screened at our center, equipped with modern equipments, you will not be mistaken.

We are looking forward to see you at our center and offer our services.


Khachanush Hakobyan