KAREN DENT dental laboratory

12 Tumanyan str., 1st floor, 0001,Yerevan, Armenia
+374 10 56 64 41
+374 10 52 63 54

Karen Dental Laboratory is the only laboratory in Armenia, only and only equipped with European and American modern equipment where each specialist is highly experienced and is always up-to-date since we are always in touch with foreign experts. Due to the whole achievements mentioned above the laboratory is able to produce prosthesis appropriate to all aesthetic and functional requirements, to complete the most complicated works and get many orders from different dental clinics simultaneously.
Special attention is paid to the quality of products since the satisfaction of our customers is our priority. We have a motto: high quality product and responsibility in every stage of work. More, the quality of materials used is not less important to us. We use only special and expensive materials imported from Europe that’s why we collaborate only with dentists having professional approach to their job. The latter gives us an opportunity to establish appropriate approach to dentistry ever.We have achieved respectability in our sphere due to hard work over many years not only in Armenia but also abroad. Today we cooperate with major foreign clinics and companies producing dental materials and equipment. Each year we get new offers of cooperation from different countries. More, we are never satisfied for our accomplishments; we strive for more - always trying to develop and be ahead of the time. Our laboratory is currently equipped with the best and newest equipment, and because of the science and technology boom, we keep buying the modern in order to keep the title “advanced”. We recognize the fact to meet the requirements of time using the newest materials via newest technologies offered by different brands.
The vision of our company is to make Armenia the center of high-quality dental services and thereby, contribute to the development of tourism in Armenia. That is why our laboratory educates younger generation of dental technicians; we hope to leave experts behind over the time.
The mission of our laboratory is to give free and natural smiles its customers, bring in positive emotions to their life, and make them happy irrespective their age, sex and/or social status.



Karen N. Karapetyan


KAREN DENT dental laboratory
KAREN DENT dental laboratory
KAREN DENT dental laboratory
KAREN DENT dental laboratory
KAREN DENT dental laboratory
KAREN DENT dental laboratory
KAREN DENT dental laboratory
KAREN DENT dental laboratory
KAREN DENT dental laboratory
KAREN DENT dental laboratory
KAREN DENT dental laboratory
KAREN DENT dental laboratory
KAREN DENT dental laboratory
KAREN DENT dental laboratory
  • Clasp Denture Making
  • Clasp Denture Making: Galvanized Crown-Retained
  • Clasp Denture Making: Telescopic Crown-Retained
  • Composite Material Crown Making
  • Composite Material Dental Inlay Making
  • Composite Material Veneer Making
  • Customized Abutment Making
  • Customized Cobalt and Chrome Alloy Abutment Making
  • Customized Gold Abutment Making
  • Customized Press Ceramic Abutment Making
  • Customized Titanium Abutment Making
  • Customized Zirconium Oxide-Based Ceramic Abutment Making
  • Dental Bar Making for Implant Dentures
  • Dental Prosthesis Using Dental Metal Posts -Denture Making
  • Denture Making with Attachments
  • Denture Placement on Dental Implant
  • Fixed Denture Making
  • Gold Plating of Dental Appliances by Means of Galvanization
  • Implant Overdenture Making
  • Metal Abutment Making
  • Metal-Ceramic Clear Aligner Making
  • Metal-Ceramic Crown Making
  • Metal-Ceramic Dental Inlay Making
  • Metal-Ceramic Veneer Making
  • Press Ceramic Abutment Making
  • Press Ceramic Clear Aligner Making
  • Press Ceramic Crown Making
  • Press Ceramic Dental Inlay Making
  • Press Ceramic Gingival Mask (Artificial Gum) Making
  • Press Ceramic Veneer Making
  • Removable Denture Making
  • Welding of Dental Appliances: Laser
  • Zirconium Oxide-Based Ceramic Abutment Making
  • Zirconium Oxide-Based Ceramic Clear Aligner Making
  • Zirconium Oxide-Based Ceramic Crown Making
  • Zirconium Oxide-Based Ceramic Dental Inlay Making
  • Zirconium Oxide-Based Ceramic Gingival Mask (Artificial Gum) Making
  • Zirconium Oxide-Based Ceramic Veneer Making

Cad/cam system

  • Cap and Pontica for covering under the ceramics form Zirconium, Titanium, Cobalt-Chrome
  • Anatomical crowns and Ponitica from Titanium, Zairconium, Titanium, Cobalt-Chrome, Temporary Plastic, Wax, nanocomposite, glass ceramics – E.max
  • Inlays, Onlays and Semi crowns from Zirconium, Nanocomposite, Glass Ceramics – E.max
  • Individual Abutments on Titanbase from Zirconium and Temporary Plastic
  • Wholly milled Individual abutment (including the propeller) from the Zirconium, Titanium, Cobalt-Chrome and PEEK
  • Bridges with screw fixation from Zirconium, Titanium and Cobalt-Chrome
  • Bar from Zirconium, Titanium and Cobalt-Chrome
  • Initial Telescops from Zirconium, Titanium and Cobalt-Chrome
  • Carcasses from Titanium, Cobalt-Chrome and translucent Zirconium
  • Crowns from Titanium, Cobalt-Chrome
  • Individual abutments from Titanium, Cobalt-Chrome and PEEK
And the following implant systems fro individual abutments
  • Nobel Biocare Replace Select
  • Nobel Active
  • Nobel Biocare Branemark
  • 3i Biomet Osseotite Certain
  • 3i Biomet Osseotite
  • Straumann Bone Level
  • Straumann SynOcta
  • Astra Tech OsseoSpeed
  • Dentsply-Friadent Frialit/Xive
  • Zimmer Tapered Screw-Vent
  • Alpha Bio
  • Adin
  • MIS
  • Impla