"Erebouni" MC Breast Unit

114 Titogradyan st., Yerevan, 0087, Armenia
+374 99 46 98 19

Breast cancer is one of the most common diseases in women. Nowadays serious steps have been taken worldwide to improve the early diagnosis and treatment of this disease.

In the developed countries and world leading clinics, the concept of Breast Unit has been introduced - it's a department or service that is fully involved in breast pathology, owns the necessary equipment and specialists for diagnosis and treatment.

The newly opened mammology and breast surgery service at the “Erebuni» Medical Center presents this model, where the point is put on the breast health protection and, in case of necessity, on qualified and correct treatment.

Breast cancer treatment success in developed countries reaches up to 100%, and this is due to early diagnosis and correct treatment. Our service is equipped with all necessary diagnostic equipment for breast pathology and health protection.

In case of breast cancer, our service closely cooperates with the chemotherapy unit, which is located neighborly. Correct cooperation is the best guarantee for the best treatment success. As for surgical treatment, we focus on conservative oncoplastic interventions that allow the woman to be treated with preserving the beautiful appearance of the breast.

Dear women, remember that breast cancer is not a verdict but just a diagnosis. Be informed and healthy!

Nerses G. Berberyan

Mammologist-Oncoplastic Surgeon,

Head of Mammology and Breast Surgery Service, Erebouni» Medical Center




  • Breast sonography:
  • Digital mammography of the breast
  • Diagnostic punction and trepan biopsies under sonographic control


  • Consultation of mammologist and conservative and surgical treatment of breast benign diseases
  • Breast aesthetic surgery (breast lift surgery, breast reduction surgery, breast augmentation with implants, post-operative defect correction)

Breast cancer

  • Breast cancer diagnosis and individual treatment method choice due to multidisciplinary staff, including radiologist, pathologist, chemotherapist, breast neoplastic surgeon, as well as psychologist and rehabilitologist
  • Breast cancer chemotherapy at the chemotherapy unit
  • Surgical treatment of breast cancer